Anatomy of an Outfit: Striped

February 25, 2011



Black and white stripes have to be accompanied by red lips, right? Isn’t that a rule somewhere?

I wore this outfit to go to lunch with my dad where I had a BLT (hold the bacon, add avocado) with fries and LOTS of mustard. He had chicken fried chicken and told the waiter to hold the chicken and add avocado – I love that after 15 years of being a vegetarian it’s still funny.

Anyways, we had lunch and I told him all about how busy I am and detailed the projects I’m currently working on. After we ate I then drove him by the cutest house in the world that Jeremy and I are in the process of buying. We got out of the car and inspected things that dads like to look at – things like the foundation and brickwork, and whether or not it had cracks. And not only did my dad approve he was straight up proud – which left me feeling like no matter how scary and overwhelming things may get that everything is going to be okay.

After that I came home and busted out an invitation design for a client. That evening my dad texted me to ask if they liked it. They loved it.

Cardigan & Leggings – Target
Striped Tank – F21
Denim shorts – I Heart Ronson (Charlotte Ronson for JCP)
Belt – Thrifted
Shoes – Eastland
Necklace – from Collected Thread

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