Identity: Mo Vintage

February 28, 2011



When Merl approached me to rebrand her custom jewelry line Clyde’s Rebirth she also asked me to design a logo for her vintage apparel shop, Mo Vintage. (Fun side note: both shops are named after Merl’s cats, Clyde and Mo.) Merl knew that she wanted Mo Vintage to be a little more fun and cheeky than the Clyde’s Rebirth brand – so with that I paired a refined serif typeface and flourish with a more ghetto fabulous graffiti typeface. I married the two by making the dot in the “i” part of the paint splatter.


Clyde’s Rebirth and Mo Vintage are two different identities but we both agreed that it would be ideal if they were cohesive with each other. I did this by utilizing the same color palette within both logos.


Being environmentally conscious and friendly is important to Merl – so another task she charged me with was to think of a creative way to make eco-friendly packaging and tags for her merchandise. I started brainstorming things like printing on recycled chip board and having custom-made tissue paper with her logo on it. But the most eco-friendly option we landed on was having rubber stamps made out of her logo. Merl has since been stamping leftover chipboard & cardboard from shipping supplies and tagging her merchandise with that. And then instead of tissue paper she wraps her goods in vintage scarves! So fun.

Thanks again, Merl, for hiring me to design some fun logos for your shops!

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