Jeremy Answers

February 21, 2011


I decided to celebrate Jeremy’s birthday here on the blog by opening up the comments for questions you might have for Jeremy. So without further ado – your questions and Jeremy’s answers:

When you have a moment to yourself, what is your favorite way to spend your time?
Playing one of the three songs I know on guitar.

If you could have ANY super power what would it be and why?
The power to be brutally honest without repercussion. Because sometimes things need to be said.

You seem like a good sport. Did you like it when Kathleen took pictures of your daily outfits?
I did when I had a good outfit on. But most of them turned out to be pretty boring.

I’m curious to know how Jeremy feels about the blogging that you do and if he ever feels like you give too much away about your relationship.
Jeremy says: I think the blogging is great. I enjoy reading it. There is far more to our relationship that doesn’t ever go on to the blog but I’m pretty open about these things anyway.

Jeremy participated in the “What We Wear” for awhile too, did he ever get annoyed with having to take pictures everyday?

If Jeremy had his own blog, what would the theme be?
Cat Cam Man – a fictional account of a quadriplegic man living life through his cat’s web cam collar.

Hi Jeremy. How tall are you? And can I hear your voice. So curious.
Hello. I’m 5’10”. You can hear my voice in the videos in this post here.

If you were stranded on a desert island and could bring only 3 things, what would you bring and why?
If I couldn’t take Kathleen and Scooty I would take a guitar, a notebook and a pencil because I think those things would feed my soul.

What do you most appreciate about your relationship with Kathleen? And any advice for a couple about to get married?
I appreciate that Kathleen pulls me out of my comfort zone. And also the booty. My advice is to come completely clean about everything – embrace your flaws and be honest.

What are the objects or design elements in your house that are totally “Jeremy” (besides the cats)?
The drum set, the TV and the house itself. It was my idea to get an older house. Kathleen was really into mid century modern ranch homes at the time we were looking.

What is your favorite item in your wardrobe?
I’ve gotten some really great stuff recently but my 6 year old yellow Palladium shoes are probably still my favorite.

Hmmm… best bit of relationship advice perhaps?
Don’t be afraid of trusting and committing to your partner. And when arguing make a real effort to see your partner’s point-of-view.

What album are you currently listening to? I’m always looking for new tunes, thanks.
Curren$y – Pilot Talk II, Cee Lo Green – The Lady Killer, Phantogram – Eyelid Movies, The Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme, Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and I’m still listening to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. I also listen to Ke$ha when I’m at the gym.

Ok, for whatever reason I seem to remember that Jeremy is a software developer? I think that’s right. Anyway, what’s his technical specialty? I’m a nerd, sorry.
I guess you would say my specialty is test software but my software skills are relatively limited. I spend a lot more time on tracing signal paths and circuit analysis.

What survival advice do you have for a nerdy kid? I ask because I think you have a nephew that is going to be just like you. (From Jeremy’s sister)

Your kid is far from nerdy. He’s going to be a chick magnet. But for all those actual nerdy kids out there – don’t just sit around playing video games all day every day. Do something constructive with your time and talent.

Favorite moment during the Everest trip?
Right after landing in Lukla. The first few steps on the trail – it was such a culture shock.

If you won a million dollars tonight what would be the first 3 things you bought? (No I’d give it to charity… I mean the first 3 things for you)
A late ’70s Mercedes convertible (for Kathleen), a vacation and a Brooklyn brownstone.

What is your favorite book?
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris.

I would like to know the first record that you recall really feeling. The first one that moved you out of just hearing music into a place where you felt it. The memory of this monumental moment should be included in your answer.
Metallica’s Black Album in the 8th grade. I remember listening to that full blast with my headphones on while on a 2-hour bus ride (to a field trip) and feeling like such a badass. I bet you were hoping for something cooler than that.

Your (alcoholic) drink of choice?
Anything by Coop Ale Works (a locally brewed beer here in Oklahoma City).

Favorite places to hang out in OKC?
VZDs, The Wedge, Drunken Fry (at the Galaga table), and my own house.

So what’s it like being married to such an attention whore? (Haha, thanks a lot, Jason!)
Entertaining, to say the least.

And… Does it make you anxious to have all the details of your life posted on the internet for all to consume? Blog Husbands sometimes can’t wrap their brains around it.

No, not at all. That’s not to say I’ve wrapped my brain around it, really.

What music are you into these days? How about ten years ago?
(See above for albums I’m listening to). Ten years ago it would’ve been Built To Spill, Grandaddy, Get Up Kids, Death Cab for Cutie, At The Drive In, Murder City Devils, etc.

Do you like to cook & what is your “signature dish”?
I guess I don’t really like to cook – probably because being a good cook involves making a mess. I used to cook for myself (before marrying Kathleen) for economic and health reasons but it was always very bland and very simple. My signature dish now is veggie chili.

What was your favorite childhood snack?
Devil’s Food Cookies (now Snackwells)

Is there an especially cool or memorable gift you’ve received for a birthday?
Um… apparently not. I’ve gotten cool things for my birthday but nothing stands out head-and-shoulders above the rest.

What is the meaning of life?
Procreating. Woohoo!

Can you think of a food that doesn’t go with either bacon or chocolate? It’s a bit of a trick question because I don’t think there’s anything. Except maybe anchovies, but they don’t go with anything so I don’t think they count.
I’m trying but my brain keeps thinking of other things – like procreating.

How did you feel when your wife told you we were staying with you?
Betrayed. (that’s a joke) When Kathleen told me a road-tripping blogger and her family was staying with us I felt mostly indifferent. And a little nervous.

Jeremy do you have a zombie apocalypse outfit? If not, what are some pieces you would choose?
I do now that Kathleen got me one for my birthday!

Is there an age you truly dread turning, OR was there an age/birthday you dreaded but it didn’t turn out as bad as you thought?

I have yet to dread an age. Considering things seem to get better and better, I don’t expect to. I only dread dying (when I think about it too much).

Can Jeremy play us a song?
I played drums in a band called The Separation – you can hear the songs here. But me playing songs on my own is not ready for public consumption.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

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