Anatomy of an Outfit: Rule Breaker

March 31, 2011



Here I am practicing my sad-pigeon-toed-model-contemplating-proper-silverware-placement look.

Lately, I’ve noticed lots of people talking about rules and manners and what’s proper and good form and etiquette lately. Of course, there is a time and place for some of those things but I also think that some rules are just silly and made to be challenged.

For example, I love to be controversial by simply wearing black and brown together, especially when it comes to shoes and belts, and doing so with such intention that people know, just by looking at me, that I’m a rule-breaker. But at the same time I think some antiquated (and sometimes almost sexist) etiquette notions are sweet – like when going on a walk the boy staying on the side towards the road so that if anyone gets hit by a car it’s him and not me. That’s romantic, right?

So tell me: what are some rules you like to break? And on the flip side – what are some nice ones that you like to follow?

Boots – Frye
Tights – Target
Denim – Street
Belt – Target
Shirt – BCBG
Jacket – Vintage

P.S. My friend’s mom is starting a manners/etiquette blog that I’m helping to design – I’ll be sure to share once it’s up and running!

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