March 30, 2011




First off, I love beets. I love how they taste like sweet earth. I love how they stain my fingers red. I love how the make me say “Sookaaah, I am vampire!” when I eat them. I love that these beets are so sexy they’re almost not safe for work.

So, it was Friday afternoon. Jeremy and I had planned a lunch date but we couldn’t decide on what we wanted to eat. I was procrastinating and hurrying up and waiting when I came across this recipe for beetroot pesto. I also happened to have two roasted beets in the fridge. So I decided that we’d just stay home for lunch – I got some pasta boiling, wilted some spinach over low heat and threw 2 beets, a handful of almonds, 3 cloves of garlic and a little bit of olive oil in the food processor. And just like that we had an amazing lunch. Followed by an amazing, definitely not safe for work, dessert.

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