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Anatomy of an Outfit: Animal

March 25, 2011



“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!”

— Maurice Sendak (Where the Wild Things Are)

Vest – Steve Madden
Tee – BCBG
Jeans – 575
Belt – Thrifted
Watch – Casio
Feather Earrings – Vintage

An Organized Kitchen

March 25, 2011




I’m not the cleanest person in the whole world but sometimes when I’m feeling stuck or especially anxious I like to roll up my sleeves and dive into some deep cleaning. The other afternoon I was experiencing a creative block and at the same time noticed that the contents of our cabinets were a total mess. We had bulk bags, partially filled with random grains, nuts and dried fruits scattered amongst our shelves.

So, I got to work. I took an hour of my afternoon to organize and clean. It cleared my mind and after I was done I went back to my computer and knocked out a new design. It was a win-win afternoon.

P.S. Thanks for all your comments and emails on yesterday’s post. I just want to clarify that I am so grateful for all the work and clients that I have – as well as the amazing support system I’ve got in Jeremy, my blog readers, family and friends. You guys are the best. xo!

Freelance: Taking a Break

March 24, 2011


When I decided to quit my fast-paced agency job to go freelance I had all these dreams about living a simple life. Dreams about designing beautiful work. Dreams about keeping my home cozy and clean and filled with smells of fresh homemade bread. But then I found that kicking off my new career in freelance was time-consuming and emotional. I felt guilty for not making as much money as I was used to. And work still felt like work.

So then I took a month off to trek in the Himalayas. I found peace in each step and each breath. I came home recharged. I redefined success for myself – and it had little to do with how much money I was bringing in. I decided to measure success not only by the quality of my work but with the quality of my life.

The thing is – it’s very much in my nature to be on edge. To be overly critical and harsh on myself. To be unsatisfied with good enough. So, I put it out there and told the Universe to bring it on – let’s see how much I can handle. And the Universe listened and was all “oh, it’s already been brought.” That’s when you all, my amazing clients, started emailing me and hiring me and filling up my chalkboard wall with project after project. I’ve been avoiding my profit/loss sheet since the beginning of the year but last week when I sneaked a peek I learned that over the past three months I’ve been making as much money as I was at my 9-to-5 job – maybe more. I got this huge boost of confidence – I fist-pumped the air and said “SUCCESS!”

But with that, I managed to forget that even when I’m making lots of money that I still shouldn’t measure my success with it. And when I take a good hard look at my quality of life over the last month or two it’s been suffering. I’ve been buzzing with anxiety and hard feelings.

So this is The Universe telling me to slow down. To take time in the middle of the day to sweat it out and soak up some sun. To take time to design each project I take on with my whole heart. The Universe is telling me to take a good hard look at what it is that I want – which doesn’t involve working into the evenings and weekends to keep up. The Universe is telling me to take afternoon breaks to enjoy a slow cup of tea and bread made from scratch. To not feel so impatient and hurried with every little thing I do.


The Universe is telling me to stop and smell the Bradford Pears in bloom – which also happen to smell like super-fun-dirty-sexy-times.

Pretty from the Lizrary

March 23, 2011

Le Weekend

Saint's Head

New Sheets

PB&J Cookies

As always, if you are new around here meet Liz. Liz and I first met when she interned at the ad agency I was art directing at – she was later hired as a designer and we’ve been friends ever since. When she bought a home around the corner from me we shared lots of bottles of wine and good laughs. And when she decided to move across the country to art direct on the East coast I decided to leave my job and art direct with a view of my back yard.

I always look forward to Liz’s Flickr updates. Her photos are always a reminder that we have the luxury of art directing the world around us. That there is a ton of pretty in the details. And you guys – she takes all of these snaps on a tiny Canon Powershot point and shoot. So any time I’m tempted to buy a Canon D7 (and trust me, I’m tempted) I just need to dig through Liz’s Flickr archives and remind myself that it’s not the tools that make the magic.

Anatomy of an Outfit: The Pajama Alternative

March 22, 2011



Husband jeans and a t-shirt + a little bit of gold are the new alternative to working in my pajamas all day long.

Jeans – borrowed from Jeremy, Gap
Tee – BCBG
Cardigan – Banana Republic
Shoes – Dollhouse
Necklace – Vintage, estate sale find

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