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Lost in the Weeds

March 22, 2011




I know I’m a lucky girl but the past couple of days have been especially overwhelming. My job has just been especially demanding lately – I feel a bit lost in the weeds and am having a hard time navigating my way out.

I need to pull out all the tricks to try and snap out of it. They include:
• bright fingernail polish
• a clean house
• crossing off to-dos
• sweating it out at the gym
• making out (with this cute guy)
• vitamin D (aka laying out in the backyard)
• doing something new & different (I see kayaking in my near future)

Do you have any go-to tricks for finding your way out of a funk?

On Becoming Landlords

March 21, 2011





On Friday we bought a house. Let me rephrase – on Friday we bought the cutest little house in the whole world. But we don’t get to live in it – nope, we bought this house for someone else to live in.

This story actually starts almost 3 years ago. Jeremy was taking me on a date to see Feist but first we stopped for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Over cheesy enchiladas we talked about the future. We started daydreaming about traveling the world and figuring out a way to one day work together and maybe retire at 50. It was there that we first started brainstorming what is now Ampersand Properties, Ltd. Co.

So, on Friday we bought a house. We celebrated with cupcakes and cheap champagne on bare wood floors. I walked around the empty place – giddy at the thought that this is our house but a little envious of whoever gets to make it their home.

If you’re interested in living in the cutest little house in the whole world email me at jeremyandkathleen@gmail.com for more information.

Clean Energy

March 18, 2011


Again, I don’t feel like I have the right words or knowledge to eloquently discuss the topic of Japan and clean energy, but just this week we switched our Oklahoma Gas & Electric bill over so that our home is powered 100% by wind energy. We’ve tried before in the past but all the wind credits were already accounted for. A good friend of mine is currently studying the long term effects clean energy may have on our environment – so I know it has it’s issues. But at least wind power isn’t going to leak radiation into our air, oceans and food. It adds an extra $6.50 a month to our bill – and it’s money well spent.

P.S. A big shout-out to all the amazing bloggers participating in the For Japan With Love fundraiser today. This is a pretty rad community we’ve got, huh?

Anatomy of an Outfit: Sparkle

March 17, 2011



Yesterday I did not want to wear anything more than jeans, a t-shirt and a messy little bun. So I thought, as I often do, What would Carrie (as in Bradshaw) do? She would take jeans and a t-shirt to the next level with a little bit of sparkle is what she would do. So I did.

Sequin Bolero – F21
Local is for Lovers Oklahoma T-Shirt – Collected Thread
Jeans – Street
Heels – Crown Vintage (not actually vintage)
Gold Braided Belt – Estate sale find ($1)
Custom harness necklace – Clyde’s Rebirth

Call Me

March 16, 2011



My fabulous friend Keri (who describes herself as tattooed and J. Crewed) is sick of boys looking her up on Facebook in order to ask her out on a date. She wants to know what happened to a good ol’ fashioned phone call. Has the internet turned boys into total scaredy-cats? And how unromantic is it when a boy asks for your number and hands you his smart phone to plug in your information?

That’s when Keri commissioned me to design a simple calling card. A sweet nod to more simple times. And of course, it’s not just for handing out to cute boys – a calling card is great way to pass along your contact information to anyone who may need it. Because people are always asking Keri how she pronounces her name (first and last) I thought it would be cute include the dictionary phonetics on her card. I also designed it to fit the Mini Moo business card template – Keri loved it and immediately ordered some.

P.S. That’s not Keri’s real phone number so don’t even try. But if you know any cute single boys, preferably with a job, holler at me and we’ll play matchmaker.

Top left photograph by Rex Barrett for Trendy Third

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