Pretty from the Lizrary

March 23, 2011

Le Weekend

Saint's Head

New Sheets

PB&J Cookies

As always, if you are new around here meet Liz. Liz and I first met when she interned at the ad agency I was art directing at – she was later hired as a designer and we’ve been friends ever since. When she bought a home around the corner from me we shared lots of bottles of wine and good laughs. And when she decided to move across the country to art direct on the East coast I decided to leave my job and art direct with a view of my back yard.

I always look forward to Liz’s Flickr updates. Her photos are always a reminder that we have the luxury of art directing the world around us. That there is a ton of pretty in the details. And you guys – she takes all of these snaps on a tiny Canon Powershot point and shoot. So any time I’m tempted to buy a Canon D7 (and trust me, I’m tempted) I just need to dig through Liz’s Flickr archives and remind myself that it’s not the tools that make the magic.

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