Stationery (Not Stationary)

March 31, 2011






Yesterday I received a package in the mail, chock full of paper goodies, from my friend Carina of Crow & Canary. This post isn’t just to tell you all that I have sweet friends that send me awesome mail though.

This post is to tell you that I’m seriously considering creating a stationery / printed goods line. It’s something I considered when I first went freelance but quickly realized that I didn’t have the time, money or energy to invest in a line. I even bought a Gocco press a few months ago (which still remains in the box) and I have had daydreams about carving potatoes and creating one-of-a-kind prints.

Right now I’m working away on lots of fun custom wedding invitations and small business identities, but Carina’s package reminded me of this stationery line I had once been dreaming about. I’m booked solid until June – at that time I will continue to take on branding & identity / various print jobs but I will start to push back a bit on the custom wedding invitations. I’m going to free up a little bit of time and give myself space to work on this stationery line I’ve been dreaming about.

Thanks again to Carina for sparking my imagination.

EDIT: I’ve fixed my misuse of the word stationery and stationary. Even as I was trying to make a joke of it I STILL got it all wrong.

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