Then and Now

March 28, 2011



Two years ago today Jeremy and I promised each other, in our living room in front of all of our nearest and dearest, that we would make a home together – forever. It was then that Jeremy promised to call me his be it on a desert or a shore, be it in fine health or weary, happy times or teary, for all days from here until the grave. It was then that I promised Jeremy that I would love him, trust him and do right by him for all the years ahead, until the day I’m dead.

But now, I find that the real vows happen daily, in those sleepy moments before bed – when we’re lying nose-to-nose and recounting our day. Or on long road trips when we’re talking about what we’ve learned from the past and what’s next. It’s in those moments that we promise each other that we won’t be scared – from exploring the world to sporting a righteous mustache – we promise to be brave. Every single day – we do.

P.S. Hello to those visiting from the guest post I wrote on How To: Plan An At Home Wedding at A Practical Wedding!

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