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Real Life

April 29, 2011


This is pretty typical for a Thursday evening around here. It goes like this:
Jeremy comes home from work. We flop down on the bed and recap our day. The cats gather around to listen in on our conversation while acting impossibly bored and aloof. Jeremy finds the belt to my robe. He ties it around his head and starts acting like a karate master. Then with just another loop and a knot he transforms himself into a bunny. A cute bunny – not a creepy bunny. One more loop and knot later Jeremy turns the belt into a lasso. Nobody is safe from the lasso. Boots runs off like a scaredy cat and I turn to a game of Chicktionary on the iPhone.

We’re both exhausted after a day of running, so together we decide to skip our evening workout, order tacos and watch The Royal Wedding coverage.

I couldn’t help but laugh while watching an interview that went like this:
Interviewer: So, you designed the Queen’s dress.
Designer: I did.
Interviewer: What can you tell us about it?
Designer: Absolutely nothing.
Interviewer: Twiggy – you’re English. What do you think about this!?
Twiggy: The queen is super classy. She’s going to look lovely.

And you guys, it went on like that for hours! But I was totally sucked in. All of a sudden I became especially interested in exactly what time Kate’s dress was delivered where. I became intrigued by the loveless marriage of Charles and Diana and how the William and Kate’s love story is a sweet contrast. So today I will spend the afternoon working on the couch while watching the wedding of the century and keeping my feet warm under Mister Scooty Boots.

A Wish List

April 28, 2011

My birthday is a week from today. I’ve insisted to my friends that I don’t want a party or a big to-do. But when Jeremy asked me what I wanted I said “You know.” I think he thought I was making some sort of sexy innuendo but I wasn’t.


So just to make it very clear, I want these boots. I haven’t been able to get them out of my head for what seems like years and I think they would make a nice addition to my collection. I also want those freaky five-finger shoes.

But more than things for my feet I want a suitcase full of bikinis, a stamp on my passport and a beach.


I want to learn how to surf and paddleboard. I want to kayak. I want Jeremy and the sand and the ocean all to myself for a week – even a long weekend would do.

Oh and while we’re wishing I’ll take the 6-pack abs too.

Second set of images from Athleta.

Seen and Heard

April 27, 2011


A few things that have rocked my world in the past couple of weeks:

DAVID SEDARIS (upper left)
My brother and sister got me and Jeremy tickets to see David Sedaris for Christmas. His reading wasn’t until April so when it was time to see him live it felt like Christmas all over again.

When Jeremy and I were honeymooning in Taos, NM he came down with appendicitis. I drove his sad, pale and sweaty, writhing-in-pain, slipping in-and-out of consciousness self straight to the ER just blocks from our house – it was a long 9 hours and I found company in Ira Glass, and his contributors (including David Sedaris), of This American Life. Hearing his voice in real life was surreal and brought me back to that long drive home. But more importantly it reminded me that our lives are really nothing more than a book of short stories – here’s to making it entertaining.

(upper right)
My brother got us tickets to Play Dead – a frightening Off-Broadway show directed by Teller (of Penn & Teller) and featuring Todd Robbins. Todd Robbins is a sideshow fixture who Donny has had the pleasure of working with a few times – Donny looks up to him a great deal and was flattered when Todd called out his name during the show. Apparently, some of Donny’s fans were in the audience and were even more excited that THE Donny Vomit was there too.

Play Dead was unlike any other theater experience I’ve had before. It was beyond entertaining and inspiring. If you’re in NYC any time soon definitely check it out.

Jeremy and I, along with my sister, saw Bill Cunningham New York at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art (I always feel so classy and cultured when I see movies there). And you guys, this documentary was amazing. It was especially interesting to see after following street style blogs like The Sartorialist and Garance Dore for years. Bill Cunningham was a pioneer when it comes to documenting street style and you couldn’t write a better character. Go see this immediately.

After the movie we went down the hall to the George Nelson exhibit. The furniture, clocks and print design all made my heart go pitter-patter in a major way.

The Easter Bunny Gives Me the Creeps

April 26, 2011


Jeremy and I were headed down to spend the day with my family Saturday morning. It was a Saturday morning like any Saturday morning. We were pulling out of the neighborhood and about to turn right to get on the highway when I spotted something in the distance and screamed “No, go straight! Go straight!” Without question, Jeremy went through the green light instead of turning right. I didn’t have time to explain myself but soon enough we could see this bunny I had spied from the distance. I couldn’t tell if I was giddy or scared. We pulled up next to it and I snapped some pictures. We waved, smiled and said hi. The bunny replied with a gruff “Happy Easter” and he had the voice of a man who had just escaped from jail after serving what was supposed to be a life sentence for murdering children in the back of an ice cream truck.

Anatomy of an Outfit: Sweating it Out

April 25, 2011


I confessed a while back that I haven’t been the best at getting dressed all day. I told you guys that 50% of my day is spent in my pajamas. What I didn’t tell you is that the other 50% is usually spent in my work out gear.

I shared with you all my workout routine when Jeremy and I were training to hike up to Everest Base Camp. The goal was to build up my legs as much as possible so that at high altitude when my lungs were failing me, my legs wouldn’t – they would know what to do and take over. And they did. Since returning from Nepal my new goal is to build overall strength but specifically in my upper body.

My new routine typically looks something like this:
Monday: Spin / Cycle
Tuesday: AM – Run 3 miles (outside); PM – P90X (Chest and Back + Abs OR Chest, Shoulders and Triceps + Abs)
Wednesday: AM – Spin / Cycle + Abs; AND/OR PM – P90X Plyometrics (jump training)
Thursday: AM – Run 3 miles (outside); PM – P90X (Shoulders and Arms OR Back and Biceps)
Friday: Spin / Cycle OR day off
Saturday: P90X Yoga OR Rock Climbing
Sunday: P90X (Legs and Back + Abs)

So… it’s extreme. And we’re always sore. We only have 4 more weeks of P90X left but I think we’re going to extend it for an extra 4 weeks due to an injury that Jeremy needed to take a couple weeks off for to heal. Which means I’ll be spending even more time in my workout gear.

When it comes to work out clothes, beyond proper shoes, I don’t need anything expensive or fancy. I have 2 pairs of moisture wicking pants, 5 sports bras, 1 moisture wicking tank and 3 regular tanks – I rotate all of these throughout the week. I like to keep my hair out of my face using Scünci bands. My current shoes are Brooks but I used to have some New Balance running shoes that I liked quite a bit – I used to balk at how much running shoes can cost but they’re worth every penny. They keep my knees, feet and back healthy.

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