A Case of the Hiccups | New York Part 3

April 21, 2011



After a strange man in an Affliction T-shirt, with photos of a gun that he referred to as his baby, offered to beat up another strange, yet friendly, man on behalf of Jeremy, and 2 pints of Blockhead Lager later, I had a serious case of the hiccups.

These hiccups followed me out of the bar, through the Bronx and on to the subway platform. They were the kind of hiccups that shake your whole body. And when you’re a little bit tipsy they’re the kind of hiccups that make you feel like a cartoon character.

Everyone has their own method for curing hiccups. My go-to cure used to be taking 4 fingers and pressing them hard into the area right below the sternum. Right at the soft bit, under where your ribs meet in the middle of your chest. Take 4 deep breaths and your hiccups should be cured. But when that failed me I resorted to standing on my hands, with assistance from Jeremy, in order to get these hiccups out of my body.

And that turned into us performing our own circus tricks. We’re going to take this show on the road!

Thanks to Donny for capturing these moments for us. His degree in video broadcast, my history in gymnastics and Jeremy’s core strength made this video possible.

So, I want to know – what’s your go-to cure for the hiccups? I seem to get them all the time!

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