A Wish List

My birthday is a week from today. I’ve insisted to my friends that I don’t want a party or a big to-do. But when Jeremy asked me what I wanted I said “You know.” I think he thought I was making some sort of sexy innuendo but I wasn’t.


So just to make it very clear, I want these boots. I haven’t been able to get them out of my head for what seems like years and I think they would make a nice addition to my collection. I also want those freaky five-finger shoes.

But more than things for my feet I want a suitcase full of bikinis, a stamp on my passport and a beach.


I want to learn how to surf and paddleboard. I want to kayak. I want Jeremy and the sand and the ocean all to myself for a week – even a long weekend would do.

Oh and while we’re wishing I’ll take the 6-pack abs too.

Second set of images from Athleta.

  1. Loren

    My sister and all her super hippie hiker buddies SWEAR by those toe shoes. I’ve heard they get a little rank if you get them wet.

    I don’t think I’m convinced I should take the plunge yet, but just think of them as an excuse to buy lots of toe socks!

  2. Loren – I’m definitely convinced and already have tons of toe socks! I just haven’t found the time to really dive in and try them on and figure out which ones to get.

  3. Kristin

    I love my toe shoes! They’re the greatest. I don’t use them for walking very much, because they’re just a tiny bit tight on my toes, but they’re perfect for kayaking, hiking, or biking, and I can’t run in any other shoes.

    Also, I hope you get your week-long beach vacation. Sounds wonderful!

  4. nicole

    Happy early birthday! I could use a beach trip, too. xo.

  5. Em

    you aren’t allowed to wish for the 6pack since you are really in amazing shape. if you get them, please donate them to the emily loves chocolate fund.

    I took a weekend class on {river} surfing a few years ago. It was pretty intense. I was convinced I needed to buy a river surfing board asap and even started thinking about getting my license and finding a cheap car. all this after a weekend thing. Yeah needless to say, I got distracted, it didnt happen and that was like 5 years ago and I havent tried since.
    HOWEVER, I WILL one day be surfing in the ocean.
    Ok enough about me, I hope Jeremy gets you all your heart’s desires. and plenty of youuuu knoooooooow.

  6. Ashley

    Dang that girl is fit! Sort of inspires me to stop sitting on my ass so much.

  7. 1. I want one of everything from Athleta and Title Nine.
    2. Those funky toe shoes are at Metro Shoe warehouse, but you probably already know that.
    3. Birthday Happy!!

  8. I have the vibram bikila’s and I wear them to run outside, run inside, go to the gym, yoga, and kayak. I love them! Also, I love paddleboarding. That picture makes me want to go right this very minute.

  9. DOM

    Cinco de Kathleen is coming!!!

    My cousin swears by the toe shoes! It’s totally up your alley anyways, so take the plunge!!

  10. MrsSki

    LOVE those boots!
    I’m very curious about those five-finger shoes.
    And yes, I’d take that chick’s abs whenever they are available to ship. 🙂

    I hope you get everything that’s on your list!!

  11. I would be happy with just one thing from the list. Or nothing from the list at all – maybe just a little special something. The list is full of (expensive) wishes, afterall. 🙂

  12. I bet I was birthday-wish-listing at the same time you were. Posted mine late last night!

  13. Meg

    Turns out I’m getting the second thing, in a week, rather by surprise. More on that soon. If I lived vicariously with you through Nepal, you can live vicariously with me on the beach with a passport stamp, yes?

  14. mali

    My b-day is a week from today, too! Explains my obsession with the number five. Trade you years, ha!

  15. Nichol

    Almost birthday twins—I’m the day after. And a little bit older. :o/

    I’ve got a wish list from Athleta as well… just wish they carried my shoe size. ::::sigh::::

    I do intend to take some beach time; one of the perks of living on the east coast.

    Those boots are beautiful… the price tag made me choke though and just as well they don’t carry my size anyhow.

  16. I’ve got a lot of birthday twins up in here! Happy birthday to all you Tauruses!

    Nichol – I know, super expensive. But I would wear them forever. So let’s say 20 years… they would cost less than a penny a day. And this is how I justify big purchases. 🙂

  17. Nicole

    Costa Rica. Or San Diego. Those are my favorite beaches in the entire world. Of course, any beach is nothing to complain about.

    I hope your wishes come true, one or all. 🙂

  18. Robin

    Now I can’t stop thinking about those boots! And I love your penny a day logic. Ha, ha. Happy Birthday! 🙂

  19. Alright, so you got your boots, your Vibrams, now come learn to surf! 🙂

  20. I have been wanting to paddle board. I am hoping they will have it at the resort we are staying at for our honeymoon later this year. Kayaking is a huge love of mine. It’s so relaxing and freeing! I hope you get to do all of this!!! xo

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