Anatomy of an Outfit: Sweating it Out


I confessed a while back that I haven’t been the best at getting dressed all day. I told you guys that 50% of my day is spent in my pajamas. What I didn’t tell you is that the other 50% is usually spent in my work out gear.

I shared with you all my workout routine when Jeremy and I were training to hike up to Everest Base Camp. The goal was to build up my legs as much as possible so that at high altitude when my lungs were failing me, my legs wouldn’t – they would know what to do and take over. And they did. Since returning from Nepal my new goal is to build overall strength but specifically in my upper body.

My new routine typically looks something like this:
Monday: Spin / Cycle
Tuesday: AM – Run 3 miles (outside); PM – P90X (Chest and Back + Abs OR Chest, Shoulders and Triceps + Abs)
Wednesday: AM – Spin / Cycle + Abs; AND/OR PM – P90X Plyometrics (jump training)
Thursday: AM – Run 3 miles (outside); PM – P90X (Shoulders and Arms OR Back and Biceps)
Friday: Spin / Cycle OR day off
Saturday: P90X Yoga OR Rock Climbing
Sunday: P90X (Legs and Back + Abs)

So… it’s extreme. And we’re always sore. We only have 4 more weeks of P90X left but I think we’re going to extend it for an extra 4 weeks due to an injury that Jeremy needed to take a couple weeks off for to heal. Which means I’ll be spending even more time in my workout gear.

When it comes to work out clothes, beyond proper shoes, I don’t need anything expensive or fancy. I have 2 pairs of moisture wicking pants, 5 sports bras, 1 moisture wicking tank and 3 regular tanks – I rotate all of these throughout the week. I like to keep my hair out of my face using Scünci bands. My current shoes are Brooks but I used to have some New Balance running shoes that I liked quite a bit – I used to balk at how much running shoes can cost but they’re worth every penny. They keep my knees, feet and back healthy.

  1. Ashlae

    I’ve been an avid runner/lifter for years, and was always, always. always loyal to Brooks or New Balance. A few weeks ago my boyfriend got me a pair of Vibram five fingers, and I’ve got to say they have completely changed my workout.. and my body. I have defined leg muscles (not bulky, just cut) and the first couple of weeks I was sore in places I never knew muscles existed. They’re “weird” to a lot of people, and take a few days to get used to, but completely worth every penny. Next time you’re in the market for a new pair of runners, check them out!

    PS – I live in my workout clothes, too. I even wear them to class – there’s a reason no one sits next to me.

  2. Ashlae – I’m actually looking into getting a pair of five fingers soon! I’ve been wanting a pair forever. Do you recommend a specific style?

  3. Diana

    Do you like the p90x? Thinking of trying it. Is it good for weight loss?

  4. Diana – I do like P90X. For me it’s been really great for getting lean and building muscle. If you have weight to lose and follow the work out and meal plan for 90 days you will definitely lose weight.

  5. Wow, that is such an intense workout routine! But it’s so good to have that motivation to make it a part of your lifestyle. I’ve found that I’m most successful working out when I do it everyday, so it becomes a routine that I don’t have to think about (or try to question myself out of doing :). I’ve never tried P90X (though I hear it’s super intense), but I do a lot of Tracy Anderson and boxing.
    As for the running shoes – I agree on the price, and I also agree that they are worth every penny. I’ve had the same pair for 8 years and they’ve carried me through all my workouts and hikes. So a worthwhile investment, for sure 🙂

  6. Jaime

    That is hardcore.

  7. Aw. We’re running shoe twins. (Which is nice, because I’m usually surrounded by Nike people.)

  8. Ashlae

    If you’re using them for running, I would get the Bikila LS. They’re made for wider feet, and although I have narrow feet, I prefer the roomy-feel. I definitely wouldn’t try to order them online – they’re a shoe you need to try (I spent 20+ minutes deciding on style/size).

  9. Bobbi

    what kind/brand of moisture wicking pants/tanks do you wear?

  10. Jaime – I know. You’d think I’d be some sort of badass by now – I’m working on it.

    Bobbi – The pants are Adidas (as seen above). The tank is Champion from Target. I like the kind with more lycra in them – I have an Under Armor shirt that feels too itchy so I never wear it.

  11. Ashlae

    PS – forgot to mention it in my last comment, but once you’re finished with P90x, you should look into Crossfit and tabata. Combined, it’s the greatest workout I’ve ever done. Watch “Crossfit -bottom to bottom tabata squats” on youtube if you get a chance. It’s brutal.

  12. jasmine

    you have SUCH a great body, kathleen.

  13. jasmine

    p.s. i spend a lot of my day in pajamas or work out clothes too (since i work from home)…. but it’s not because of an awesome workout routine like yours… i WISH i had that kind of discipline. go YOU!

  14. Ashlae – thanks for the tips!

    Jasmine – aw, shucks. Thank you. And right back at you!

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