Hello, Brooklyn | NY Part 1

April 19, 2011





Jeremy and I went to New York last week. With just one direct flight and a train ride later we were at the place we’d call home for the next 5 days.

I think a combination of working for myself and trekking to Mt. Everest Base Camp have ruined my idea of vacation. I’m not sure how to leave work behind – it seems to follow me wherever I go. And I don’t know how to relax if I’m not pushing myself up a hill, one foot at a time, at high altitudes.

I found a little bit of escape as we walked through really amazing neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The kinds of neighborhoods where you get fined $350 for honking. The kinds of neighborhoods where women with no makeup and messy buns look like models. I got lost as I soaked in every single detail of every single person who walked by me, trying to piece together the story of how they got there. I tried to get lost in my own fantasy of what my life would be like in a perfect little Brooklyn neighborhood: I would live in a teeny-tiny, but fabulous, studio apartment with Jeremy and our two cats. I would have exactly 10 articles of clothing but lots of accessories – mostly scarves for all seasons. We’d have big windows and a stoop that we would eat bagels and coffee on. We would do all of our grocery shopping at the little bodega on the corner. We would have my brother and his beautiful girlfriend over for wine and asparagus wrapped in filo dough. We would be amazing.

I was having a hard time indulging in this daydream and I couldn’t pinpoint why. I’m usually REALLY good at visualizing my fantasy life. It wasn’t until we came home that I realized I’m already living the dream. I have a man who does my taxes and makes me coffee every morning. I have two matching cats and big windows. I have lots of amazing accessories. I have my go-to places and waiters who know exactly what I’m going to order before I even pretend to look at a menu. I’ve got art and wine and locally grown asparagus.

I still want to see the world and meet new people with interesting stories but in the meantime, I’m happy with making the most of where I am right here, right now.

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