Meeting Bloody Mary | New York Part 4

April 22, 2011



Do you all remember Sana? I designed her brand identity and blog for Pip & Estella earlier this year. It was a priority to grab brunch together while I was in Brooklyn and brunch we did. We enthusiastically talked about our careers, our vision and (with a little more caution) babies. I also had my first Bloody Mary ever. I’m usually a mimosa kind of gal but I was craving the acid and salt – I figured a Bloody Mary could deliver. After my first sip I knew what I had been missing out on. A couple hours and two rounds of Bloody Marys later we wrapped up our conversation when our boys started to look as if they needed a nap – but I left our brunch feeling energized and wanting more of what Sana has to say.

I should also note here that the day before Anna (Door Sixteen) and I met up for lunch and coffee but as we got caught up in talking about design, home repair, puppies and the fantasy vegan bakery we’re going to open we forgot to snap a picture together. I love how the blog and Twitter have made the world smaller – or if not smaller at least more accessible. I love that I now have people I consider friends living all over the world.

So back to our day – Donny, Jeremy and I continued on to the Brooklyn Flea (I was determined to find some Whimsy & Spice cookies) but it was cold and starting to drizzle – vendors were packing up. We then headed straight to another pub for a second brunch and another Bloody Mary. The rain was coming down hard and we were unsure what to do with ourselves as the evening was closing in. So, we decided to grab bagels, a bottle of wine and a couple of 750 piece puzzles to keep us entertained for the evening. It might have been the best evening ever – but more on that later.



The next morning, also our last day in Brooklyn, we woke up and guess what I was craving – another Bloody Mary! So we headed down to another pub and enjoyed our 3rd brunch within a 24 hour window. It was here that I asked Donny what he’s going to do. He asked me what I was going to do. We talked about possibilities of what’s next and we bonded over the insecurity that comes with making our art our career. And maybe it was the Bloody Marys talking but Donny and I left brunch that morning feeling confident and optimistic. Then, just as quickly as we said hello, Jeremy and I said goodbye.

P.S. You can read Sana’s account of our time together here.

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