Real Life


This is pretty typical for a Thursday evening around here. It goes like this:
Jeremy comes home from work. We flop down on the bed and recap our day. The cats gather around to listen in on our conversation while acting impossibly bored and aloof. Jeremy finds the belt to my robe. He ties it around his head and starts acting like a karate master. Then with just another loop and a knot he transforms himself into a bunny. A cute bunny – not a creepy bunny. One more loop and knot later Jeremy turns the belt into a lasso. Nobody is safe from the lasso. Boots runs off like a scaredy cat and I turn to a game of Chicktionary on the iPhone.

We’re both exhausted after a day of running, so together we decide to skip our evening workout, order tacos and watch The Royal Wedding coverage.

I couldn’t help but laugh while watching an interview that went like this:
Interviewer: So, you designed the Queen’s dress.
Designer: I did.
Interviewer: What can you tell us about it?
Designer: Absolutely nothing.
Interviewer: Twiggy – you’re English. What do you think about this!?
Twiggy: The queen is super classy. She’s going to look lovely.

And you guys, it went on like that for hours! But I was totally sucked in. All of a sudden I became especially interested in exactly what time Kate’s dress was delivered where. I became intrigued by the loveless marriage of Charles and Diana and how the William and Kate’s love story is a sweet contrast. So today I will spend the afternoon working on the couch while watching the wedding of the century and keeping my feet warm under Mister Scooty Boots.

  1. MrsSki

    I dvr’ed the wedding…and watched the procession down aisle before work (I could have been a little late because of that, but I’m not saying in case my boss reads your blog 🙂
    I’m excited about watching the rest…I do have to admit I got goose bumps and a little teary eyed seeing her walk down the aisle and then seeing Prince William tell her she was beautiful…so sweet!!

  2. this is so perfect kathleen – and indeed real life.

    it reminds me of a “photo shoot” my husband and i did one night…basically it consisted of him using my foot as a prop…as a telephone, boxing opponent, etc…

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