The Easter Bunny Gives Me the Creeps

April 26, 2011


Jeremy and I were headed down to spend the day with my family Saturday morning. It was a Saturday morning like any Saturday morning. We were pulling out of the neighborhood and about to turn right to get on the highway when I spotted something in the distance and screamed “No, go straight! Go straight!” Without question, Jeremy went through the green light instead of turning right. I didn’t have time to explain myself but soon enough we could see this bunny I had spied from the distance. I couldn’t tell if I was giddy or scared. We pulled up next to it and I snapped some pictures. We waved, smiled and said hi. The bunny replied with a gruff “Happy Easter” and he had the voice of a man who had just escaped from jail after serving what was supposed to be a life sentence for murdering children in the back of an ice cream truck.

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