The Easter Bunny Gives Me the Creeps


Jeremy and I were headed down to spend the day with my family Saturday morning. It was a Saturday morning like any Saturday morning. We were pulling out of the neighborhood and about to turn right to get on the highway when I spotted something in the distance and screamed “No, go straight! Go straight!” Without question, Jeremy went through the green light instead of turning right. I didn’t have time to explain myself but soon enough we could see this bunny I had spied from the distance. I couldn’t tell if I was giddy or scared. We pulled up next to it and I snapped some pictures. We waved, smiled and said hi. The bunny replied with a gruff “Happy Easter” and he had the voice of a man who had just escaped from jail after serving what was supposed to be a life sentence for murdering children in the back of an ice cream truck.

  1. Taylor

    The Easter Bunny really weirds me out. I hate that it only has one facial expression. And…you have no idea what the person inside the costume is looking at.

  2. Em

    your photo effects did nothing to help his cause.
    However, I’d be scared ether way.

  3. Ah! A very large reason why we will never do the Easter Bunny (or even Santa) routine with the kid. How creepy is it to tell your children that you’re going to allow oversized humanoid rabbits (or fat old men with bad fashion) to sneak into your home to leave you treats. Freaks. Me. Out. And we wonder why kids fall victim to child predators so easily…

  4. I have always liked the Easter Bunny for some reason…now clowns are another story.

  5. People dressed up in costumes like this freak me out in general. When I was a kid I was scared of them at Disney (what kid is scared of Mickey Mouse?!) and they still weird me out to this day. So creepy.

  6. JoL

    two words:

    Donnie Darko

  7. He freaks me out. I think that is why I keep “forgetting” to really tell my son about him. Total parenting fail that I actually wrote about today. Too funny. And…I think we must live in the same area…at least I think so from that pic 😉

  8. Ashley

    You know my issues with puppets/muppets of all kinds and any kind of furry mascot also falls into that category. What kind of person wants their face concealed with a furry animal mask while they play with children?? POINT MADE.

  9. Those are his hooves peeking out from under the bunny costume.

  10. No way! That’s too strange. People in giant bunny costumes freak me out a bit. But so would a real bunny that size. What’s even worse is growing up with the story of Black Bart, the Easter Bunny’s evil cousin. I don’t know why my mother did that to me.

  11. DOM

    Ahhhh sooo creepy, I would have turned the opposite direction had I seen him from afar!! eeps… :S

  12. MrsSki

    Agreed. Creepy, creepy character.

  13. Karla

    Yikes!! Creepy is a very good description.

  14. i was terrified of the easter bunny when i was little. it’s the huge black eyes. super creepy.

  15. Emily

    Hahaha, love the hooves comment.

    I was at a mall recently, eating my Auntie Annie’s pretzel in slow motion, unable to tear my eyes away from the spectacle of parents forcing their terrified toddlers on to the bunny’s lap. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I couldn’t stop thinking about how hot it must be in the suit… who forces their child to sit on a sweaty stranger’s lap?!

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