Identity: Dina Avila Photography

May 26, 2011



When Dina Avila was ready to give her photography business a new look she contacted me to design a logo. We emailed back and forth to discuss her focus – her point-of-view. Dina specializes in shooting food and portraits – and she loves dark wood, distressed leather, old books and jazz. And she’s kind of obsessed with very old, tarnished silverware. She sounds like my kind of gal.

I really latched onto and found inspiration in the idea of silverware + old books. I decided I wanted to design a logo that could be found on the back of a spoon, on the bottom of antique china or in the front cover of an old book.

But I also loved how the letters in Dina Avila seemed to mirror each other. So I played with a few ideas.



I always start designing logos in black & greyscale – it keeps me focused on the form of the design. Then I start to bring in color to give it a little life.

My ultimate goal was to design a logo that reflects the aesthetic and personality of Dina while also positioning her as a professional photographer. Dina wants to come across as warm and open but also professional (but not in a corporate way).

I played around with a few different ideas and settled on a really simple type treatment – I loved the mirrored As. I thought it was really elegant with a little bit of quirk. But Dina was a little concerned that it might be confusing – so from there I flipped the A back around and started playing with incorporating flourishes.


It’s also important to see how a logo scales from large (imagine it on a billboard or large banner) to small (like on a business card or web banner).

Dina fell in love with this version of the logo and from there I finalized the colors and packaged it up for her.


When I send over a final logo I include color versions for print (Pantone & CMYK) and web (RGB) in multiple file formats (vector, JPEG, Tiff, etc.) – that way the client will always have exactly what they need for various applications.

Dina was such a pleasure to work with and I love the final logo. You can see more of Dina’s work here.

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