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Armpit Matters

May 23, 2011


So. Uh. Can we talk about armpits for a second? Because the weather is heating up around here and it’s a real issue.

The facts:
• Jeremy does not have body odor. His armpits just don’t smell. He never has to wear deodorant.
• I do.
• But I’m freaked out about aluminum in my deodorant. Aluminum zirconium is an ingredient found in many mainstream antiperspirants that is linked to Alzheimer’s and cancer.

When I started to change the way I eat (a mostly local, non-processed diet) I also made some other significant changes in the products I use – starting with deodorant. Over the past year, I’ve tried a variety of deodorants from hippie powder to rubbing crystals on my armpits to spritzing tea tree oil on my armpits. A lot of methods failed miserably but I’ve found a few things that do work.


Scent of Samadhi

My brother’s girlfriend introduced me to this one a while back. It’s a powder that smells really good (it almost doubles as perfume) – you take just a tiny pinch and rub it into your armpits. It’s best for cooler weather.


Aromarant Deodorant by Lush

Aromarant works by absorbing odours with microfine sodium bicarbonate and it tightens the pores with an infusion of witch hazel and lemons. Sandalwood essential oil gives you a lovely scent to waft around whenever you raise your arms.

This deodorant was a birthday gift from my gym buddy, Liz. We talk about all sorts of stuff before our workouts – from food to makeup to boys. And if you talk to me for more than 10 minutes you’re probably going to hear about my armpits and my quest for the perfect deodorant. So, Liz picked up a block of this for me and I think it’s the one. I like to use it in combination with Scent of Samadhi.

Funny sidenote:
The first time I was ever recognized in public from the blog I was enjoying happy hour on a rooftop with friends. Talking about my armpits.


DeoDry by The Body Shop

I picked this stick of DeoDry when I purchased my hot pink lipstick from The Body Shop. It smells really good and it doesn’t contain any parabens or aluminum.


I still sweat with all of these. But maybe that’s okay. If my body needs to sweat maybe I should let it.

So let’s hear it. What kind of deodorant do you use? Does anyone else think or talk about their armpits as much as I do?

Model Behavior

May 20, 2011




I have a lot of experience art directing from behind the camera (I used to like to tell people I’m like Mr. Jay from America’s Next Top Model when describing my job) – but sometimes I’m asked to be in front of the camera too. Which blows my mind because my face is a little asymmetrical and I’m not a size zero. But just like I’m always game for a round of karaoke (and I’m a terrible singer y’all) I’m never shy about pretending to be a model.

So recently my friend Erin of Pippin + Pearl asked me if I would model her 2011 Sping / Summer collection and I was more than happy to oblige. She also recruited my friend Keri and a really gorgeous (and super sweet) Brooke Shields look-a-like named Taryn. We had so much fun at this shoot and I fell in love with all of Erin’s designs.

See more of the collection (and yours truly) over at Pippin + Pearl.


May 19, 2011

Last month when we went to Brooklyn I hardly took any photos. I think I’m alright at documenting and sharing the big adventures, the details, my outfits and my work. But when it comes to living real life – that’s a little more difficult to capture.



The candid, real life stuff always seems to fall flat or come out double-chinny. Or maybe it’s just impossible to for my photos to give justice to the way I feel when I watch stuff like my brother check his mail or Jeremy prepping our taxes – in case you are wondering, that feeling is love.



Or maybe I’m just not good enough at making real-life scenes look perfectly art directed – like snapshots of scenes from a beautiful Wes Anderson movie. And as an art director that kills me.



I want my stills to translate what I’m actually seeing. What I’m actually feeling.



Just like I refuse to call myself a runner I would never call myself a photographer. The word photographer is reserved for people who can really take a picture – people whom I admire for their ability to make real-life translate on film. People like Ryan. And Jason. And Simon. And Broderick, Kathy, and Bryan.

These people make me look at my own photos and say “Who in the hell do you think you are?” But despite those hard feelings on myself I have always had this urge to point and shoot. I have this drive to marry photography with design and make life as I see it translate. So this is me committing to stepping it up. I’m ready.

Local Flour + Rad Packaging

May 18, 2011



For the longest time the flour I had been buying came in a large gallon-sized zip-lock bag. So, when the packaging had been updated (I’m assuming it’s the same producer) I was really excited about it. I love the way it’s designed and printed – bold primary colors on a low thread-count cotton, and slightly off-registered in places. It’s either really unassuming and down-to-earth or a genius designed it to look super honest and down-to-earth.

Update: I get all of my groceries (bulk, veggies, etc.) from Native Roots Market in Norman, Oklahoma. They support the local food system and get lots of goodies from local farmers. I also go to the OSU-OKC farmers market (all local) on Saturdays at 10th and Portland and on Wednesdays at the OSU-OKC Chesapeake farmers market (summer only) – these farmers markets have vendors that carry local flour, jams, veggies, mushrooms, etc.

Will Work for Chocolate and Plants

May 17, 2011

Plant copy



I recently designed a very important grad-school paper for my friend Sarah who is getting a masters degree in saving the world. In exchange she sent me some amazing homemade peanut butter cups (24 peanut butter cups, to be specific, that I ate in about 2 days flat) and this really neat tiny sea urchin air plant. Sometimes I stare at it for a while and sing “Part of this World” to myself.

We have seriously slacked on landscaping for the last year. I was starting to feel like that bad neighbor with the worst yard on the block. So Jeremy and I spent an evening pulling weeds and cleaning up the front lawn. I was thinking that I wanted to plant some Hosta in our front planters but was doubting my decision based on how much sun they would get and the fact that I know almost NOTHING about plants and landscaping. That’s when my neighbor walked by and said “You should plant some Hosta there.” This neighbor is a single, matter-of-fact, older woman who takes her dog, Otto, on a walk at least twice a day. She’s not particularly cheerful and mostly keeps to herself. So when she told me I should plant Hosta I took it as a sign. I immediately went out and bought 8 of them. I felt like such a good neighbor and homeowner as I transplanted them from their little plastic pots into the earth.

Next up is getting our veggie garden back in order. We haven’t had a chance to get a good start on it but I’m thinking I’ll stick to tomatoes and herbs this year.

Are you guys tackling any fun landscaping or veggie garden projects?

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