Anatomy of an Outfit: Girly Apocalypse

June 14, 2011



You all might already be familiar with my post-apocalyptic fashion sense. Basically, whenever I buy a new article of clothing I ask myself “Will this outfit survive the post-apocalypse?” Not because I actually believe the apocalypse is upon us but it just makes shopping easier and I usually come out looking like a badass. So when Shabby Apple offered to send me an outfit I was overwhelmed by my options. They’ve got lots of women’s dresses made for sophisticated jet setters and girly girls – so I perused the site for the dress I felt would best survive the post-apocalypse.

The dress I picked is tough enough for jumping on the back of a horse with some sort of sawed off shot-gun, but it’s girly enough that I could use my feminine wiles to barter for some fresh water in some desolate and dusty ghost town taken over by calloused criminals. The only problem is that it wrinkles easily – not great for the post-apocalypse.

Dress: San Gabriel c/o Shabby Apple
Boots: Fiorentini & Baker
Bracelet: A gift from my friends Megan & Daniel

Shabby Apple is offering 10% off to Jeremy & Kathleen readers! Use the coupon code: jeremyandkathleen10off when checking out.

Disclaimer: I did receive this dress for free from the kind folks at Shabby Apple. I will be keeping it but I did not receive any additional compensation for this honest review.

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