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My Lawnmower

June 16, 2011


I hear it’s dangerous to mow the lawn in flip-flops, but what can I say – I like boys who live on the edge.

Asian Tofu Lasagna

June 15, 2011



I had no idea how last night’s meal was going to turn out. I knew I had a bunch of squash, a couple of red peppers and tofu in the fridge. I got this idea to make a quick veggie lasagna using these ingredients – I had some tomato sauce in the cabinet but I wasn’t really feeling it. I told Jeremy as I was prepping my veggies that I feel like I don’t know how to cook with anything but Asian or Indian spices. That’s when he suggested I make a more Asian inspired lasagna using the ingredients I had on hand. So that’s exactly what I did.

Now, this meal wasn’t the tastiest creation I’ve ever made (it was good! don’t get me wrong – it’s just that I’ve made tastier) but I felt like a Top Chef contestant after coming up with the idea from scratch and then assembling the food to look beautiful (which always makes it taste better). It was also super healthy which is a bonus.

I’m going to share this recipe but if you have any ideas on how to modify it to make it out of this world delicious I encourage you to share your thoughts in the comments.

Asian Tofu Lasagna
1 block of firm tofu
4-6 summer squash and zucchini
2 red bell peppers
1/4 c coconut milk
yellow curry powder
salt & pepper

First prep your tofu by draining it. I drain my tofu by placing a folded dish towel on a plate. I set the tofu on top of the towel and then place another towel on top of that. Then I set another plate on it upside down (so you’ve got a tofu sandwich between two towels and two plates). THEN I set my water jug (or you can use something equally heavy like a cast iron pan) on top. I leave it there for about 10 minutes – the water from the tofu drains out into the dish towels.

After your tofu has been drained slice it into 4 squares (so slice vertically into the small edge – you’ll get 4 4″ x 4″ pieces). Over a medium/high flame heat about 2 tbs of sunflower oil in a pan – cook the tofu until each side is browned. Sprinkle with a little bit of curry powder as it is cooking.

As the tofu is cooking slice your zucchini and squash vertically into 1/4″ slices. You want the pieces to be about as long as your tofu squares. After the tofu is done reduce your heat to low and throw your zucchini in the same pan (I didn’t require any additional oil). Sprinkle with curry and flip each piece of squash after about 2 minutes. You don’t want to overcook your squash.

While the squash is cooking quickly add your bell peppers and coconut milk to the bowl of a food processor. Blend until it looks like soup. Then strain so you get a nice pulp (you can see in my photos I probably didn’t strain enough liquid out).

After everything is done cooking stack your tofu (2 slices for each stack of lasagna), your red bell pepper sauce and veggies. Season with salt and pepper as needed.

Serves 2. This meal is vegan.

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Anatomy of an Outfit: Girly Apocalypse

June 14, 2011



You all might already be familiar with my post-apocalyptic fashion sense. Basically, whenever I buy a new article of clothing I ask myself “Will this outfit survive the post-apocalypse?” Not because I actually believe the apocalypse is upon us but it just makes shopping easier and I usually come out looking like a badass. So when Shabby Apple offered to send me an outfit I was overwhelmed by my options. They’ve got lots of women’s dresses made for sophisticated jet setters and girly girls – so I perused the site for the dress I felt would best survive the post-apocalypse.

The dress I picked is tough enough for jumping on the back of a horse with some sort of sawed off shot-gun, but it’s girly enough that I could use my feminine wiles to barter for some fresh water in some desolate and dusty ghost town taken over by calloused criminals. The only problem is that it wrinkles easily – not great for the post-apocalypse.

Dress: San Gabriel c/o Shabby Apple
Boots: Fiorentini & Baker
Bracelet: A gift from my friends Megan & Daniel

Shabby Apple is offering 10% off to Jeremy & Kathleen readers! Use the coupon code: jeremyandkathleen10off when checking out.

Disclaimer: I did receive this dress for free from the kind folks at Shabby Apple. I will be keeping it but I did not receive any additional compensation for this honest review.


June 13, 2011

My parents recently bought a new-to-them house closer to me and my sister. The new-to-them house is bright, airy and happens to be on a lake. In fact, it was the first house they looked at and my dad made an offer right after he caught a 3-pound bass off the back deck (meanwhile, my mom was checking out the bathrooms and closet space). We’re all so excited about the move that there isn’t much nostalgia when it comes to packing up the old house – which also happens to be the house I grew up in. We’ve spent the past few weekends tossing, sorting, cleaning and packing. And when I say “we’ve” I really mean my mom and Jeremy. My sister sort of creative directs the whole thing and my job is to inspire and cheerlead by dressing up like Lady Gaga and dry humping door frames while singing “Born This Way”.

Left: A moving box labeled “Baby Photos (Tara & Donny). Mostly Tara.” No Kathleen. See, I’m the baby. My parents were too tired to take pictures of me. Right: The taxidermied boars head. My dad sent this home with me to babysit until they get into the new place.

Left: We’re using Donny’s Gazette papers to wrap fragile valuables. Right: The stuff my family packs (or at least decides to throw in a box together) is just weird. Ceramics and Tambourines!? Let’s just say – I had a colorful and eclectic childhood.

Left: I was born this way, baby. (That’s a table runner wrapped around my head). Right: I have the patience of a seven year old. So instead of sticking around for organizing & packing I decided to get lost with my very own seven year old nephew for a little while. I let him stick his feet out the window.

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Anatomy of an Outfit: Summer Uniform

June 10, 2011




I’ve been living in this outfit lately. I throw on the vest and wedges when I go out in public to dress up what would otherwise be a typical outfit for Britney Spears. Except Britney would probably forgo the bra and shorts altogether. Bless her heart. But I have to admit, I totally have her new single stuck in my head – woah, oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ooohhh…

Wedges – Aerosole (You guys, I totally thought these were vintage but they’re not. Just second-hand.)
Cut-off Denim – Street
Tank – Sparkle & Fade
Vest – Gap
Bra – Victoria’s Secret
Earrings – Target
Wrist Cuffs* – Pimber by Amber Lynn Foster

*Blog reader Amber sent me a package of goodies including these leather cuffs made from salvaged scraps found in a landfill. She also makes beeswax lip balm from her own bees!

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