What I Did On My Summer Vacation | Part 1


I forgot to pack my bikini. Our final destination: the beach.

As we were pulling out of our driveway I was in a terrible mood. I was all discombobulated after a week of finalizing projects and tying up loose ends. And I was certain that I had forgotten to pack something – you all know the feeling. Jeremy patted me on the knee and cheered me up by saying “Whatever you left behind we can pick up on the road.”

We were in Lafayette, Louisiana, the half-way point on a long road trip when I realized I forgot to pack a single swim suit. Just a week earlier I had declared to my entire family (whom Jeremy and I would be vacationing with) that I wasn’t packing a bag. That I’d be living in a bikini all week and that’s that. My sister warned me of the dangers of living in a bikini (crotch rot and what not) – I rebutted and insisted that my crotch would be FINE (as I silently said a little prayer for my hooha). So in typical Kathleen fashion I would forget to pack the one thing I really really need for this vacation.

But just like Jeremy said I was able to find a Target and pick up a new mismatched bikini. I lived in it all week. And my crotch is just fine, I know you were worried.

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  1. welcome home! Glad to hear you and your hooha are safe & sound. πŸ™‚

  2. Mandy

    Kathleen! I read your blog religiously and I live in Lafayette! πŸ˜€ Small world!

    You must’ve stopped at the Target on Louisiana Ave. just off I-10.

  3. Erin – I decided the status of my hooha isn’t just for real life friends anymore. πŸ˜‰

    Mandy! If I weren’t so secretive about my when and whereabouts we could’ve had a drink! That’s the Target. We ate some crawdads and drank Abita beer. Lafayette did right by me.

  4. elly

    Haha, I love it when the universe makes things a little bit more interesting for us πŸ™‚ Also, huzzah for living in a bikini by the beach! I’m currently in a giant city where it’s not appropriate to walk around in a bikini – so I’m jealous that you got to! πŸ™‚

  5. I am so jealous of your beach vacation. I’m a new reader and I have to say, I love your blog!

  6. ha! you crack me up. i am the worst packer ever, which is why i make typed out lists documenting every single thing and go over it a million times. leaving something out is my worst nightmare. (dramatic much?) πŸ˜‰

  7. Margie

    I’ve been missing your great posts and hoping you were enjoying your week. Thank Heavens I didn’t know about the possible hooha problem or I would have had to worry about you in addition to everyone else. Welcome Back!

  8. You are my hero in more ways than one πŸ˜‰

    You wouldn’t possibly believe the amount of stuff I forgot to pack for our 7 day Boston/New York/D.C. trip. Unbelievable. But hooray for vacations!

  9. Margie

    Our long national nightmare is over! And congrats on not getting crotch rot.

  10. Yay – welcome back!

    I think crotch rot is a bigger risk here at home, where any piece of clothing + extreme heat creates a dangerously sweaty situation.

  11. relieved to hear that your lady parts are well and good.

    on a side note, i spent (almost) a semester in lafayette in college, and, well, it was… an adventure.

    but more importantly, did you come to florida?! what beach did you go to?

  12. Crotch rot? Is there a better term? I think not…

  13. i haven’t heard the term crotch rot in, like, DAYS.


    you make me smile. xo

  14. I love that you all have a sense of humor when it comes to crotch rot. Seriously. I feel like it takes our relationship to a whole new level.

    Kelly – I did! But I don’t think I was anywhere near you (or any of my other Florida friends). I was just past Destin on a beach off of 30A (Walton Beach? I guess I need to look that up before I blog about it).

  15. Loooove me some vintage-y looking beach pics and yours are no exception! Glad you found a bathing suit! And glad you didn’t get crotch rot, always a plus side to a vaca ; )

  16. Miss C

    oh good ol’ crotch rot comin in for the scare! I’m sure if you managed to wash off every now and again you’d be fine. I’m glad you made it through the vacation in tact!

  17. Debbie

    Hilarious. Love this post.

  18. Monica

    I seriously just laughed out loud, oh the dangers of a week in a swimming suit.
    I cannot believe that you forgot your suit, I am a little ocd about swimming suits. If our vacation is for 5 days, I probably pack at least 7-8. Kind of crazy but what more do you really need than some cute suits and a tooth brush.

  19. Monica – Dang! I somehow managed to get by with just one. Maybe it was a lesson in simplicity.

  20. Giedre

    haha, sounds like EXACTLY what I would do. I’m a terrible packer and always forget the most important stuff. But of course, that always just gives you yet another reason to shop! πŸ˜€

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