What I Did On My Summer Vacation | Part 2

June 28, 2011



I ate crawdads.

It’s rare, but on occasion I will eat sea (or lake) food. Lafayette, Louisiana insisted I eat some crawdads – so I did.

Now, I’ve eaten crawdads before but never have I had to rip the little guy apart with my own hands. In fact, I had to ask the waitress to show me how. She made it looks so easy – you just twist the head in the opposite direction from the tail – pull it apart – discard the head (or suck the brain juice out – I didn’t do this). Then you peel the exoskeleton away from the tail meat and chow down. It sounds kind of brutal but if I’m going to eat meat this is how I prefer it to go down. I washed my dinner down with an Abita IPA and thought about True Blood (the intro credits, to be specific) the entire time.

Speaking of – are any of you watching True Blood? The new season just started, which makes me all giddy for Sunday evenings.

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