What I Did On My Summer Vacation | Part 2



I ate crawdads.

It’s rare, but on occasion I will eat sea (or lake) food. Lafayette, Louisiana insisted I eat some crawdads – so I did.

Now, I’ve eaten crawdads before but never have I had to rip the little guy apart with my own hands. In fact, I had to ask the waitress to show me how. She made it looks so easy – you just twist the head in the opposite direction from the tail – pull it apart – discard the head (or suck the brain juice out – I didn’t do this). Then you peel the exoskeleton away from the tail meat and chow down. It sounds kind of brutal but if I’m going to eat meat this is how I prefer it to go down. I washed my dinner down with an Abita IPA and thought about True Blood (the intro credits, to be specific) the entire time.

Speaking of – are any of you watching True Blood? The new season just started, which makes me all giddy for Sunday evenings.

  1. Yay crawfish and yay True Blood! The last time we went to Lafayette there were non-stop jokes about scoring “v” and stopping by Fangtasia.

  2. I definitely live about an hour from Lafayette, so this is seriously cracking me up. I just had boiled crawfish this past Sunday. And of course I’m watching True Blood, and often cringing at just how close they get to the truth…

  3. crawfish are my most favorite food in the world. i love the potatoes and corn that come with them, and sucking the heads for the spicy juice is my idea of heaven. throw in some beer, and you’ve done it the RIGHT WAY.

    this is what growing up in louisiana will do for a girl.

    and yes. we are watching true blood, although i was disappointed in the lack of nudity in episode 1. i need to see eric in the buff, ok?

  4. OOh I had crawfish for the first time last year. I know what you mean it takes some practice to open it just the right way to get the meat out! Glad you liked it!

  5. Kristin

    Oohhh Abita!! I am in LOVE with their Strawberry Harvest Lager. it is summertime in a bottle.

  6. Margie

    Those crawdads really make you work for it, huh? But, it’s so good.

    No head sucking here, either.

  7. Ahhh! Crawdads.

    I lived in the deep south for a few years, where these crawdad broils are a weekly event. And it always freaked me out.

    I can do this to lobster, crab and shrimp, but something about these freaky little crustaceans are a huge turn off for me. And I do think it’s watching that deep south hick next to you suck out the brain like he’s a crustacean-specific zombie.

    I tip my hat to you, Kathleen.

  8. Shasta

    Definitely watching! Have you read the books? Glad you’re back, btw.

  9. I have never had crawdads, but I am so super excited for True Blood! Looking forward to True Blood summer nights.

  10. Nicole

    We just started to watch True Blood. Yep, we’re a little late to the party. We’re on episode 2 right now. It’s going to be habit forming. For sure.

    I’ve never had a crawdad. I’m crazy curious now.

  11. Crawdads aren’t bad but they are just too much work for me! I do love me some True Blood! All I can say is I wish Eric and Sookie would get it on already!

    Welcome back! 🙂


  12. eekat

    I used to live in Lafayette! Hope your crawfish experience was great and your vacation even better.

  13. Oh my I loved that – nothing could possibly go together better than cracking open crawdads in Louisiana and the True Blood credits.
    Every time I venture to Texas with my boyfriend to visit his family they try to lure me out for crawdads. I’m an adventurous eater, but somehow I’ve managed to skip this brain-sucking goodness.

    As for True Blood, every Sunday we head over to a friend’s house and alternate cooking dinner before settling in for some Vampire, Waitress, Fey, Witch, Wolverine madness. True Blood Sundays are the best!

  14. Sofia

    aw- I went to college in Lafayette. It’s such a great town! Where did you eat crawfish at?

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