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Good Friends and Good Food

July 29, 2011





I recently mentioned a road trip down to Austin. The purpose of the trip was to meet with Mel about the paleo cookbook she’s writing and I’m designing – with Dave, Mel’s rad husband, shooting all the photography. What I didn’t know is that we would be eating so much amazing food. The night we got in Mel and Dave generously treated Jeremy and I to Lamberts. Now, if you live anywhere near Austin and haven’t eaten here yet I beg you to do so. Tonight. OH, and we were sitting next to Megan Mullally (better known from her role as Karen in Will & Grace) through the entire meal and I didn’t even notice.

The next day we had breakfast, went grocery shopping, brainstormed, cooked, ate some more, photographed some food and started the beginning of a life long friendship.

After the photo shoot Jeremy and I headed down to South Congress for some food truck action – and how perfect since I’ve got my very own food truck client now too (equipped with a vintage Airstream and all)! So we had some food truck research to do. Research that required us eating some sort of amazing mushroom basil lemon crepe and a mango and sticky rice crepe. Research that almost made me go for a third crepe filled with Nutella and bananas.

I like you, Austin, Texas. But I like your people and your food even more.


July 28, 2011




I watched a documentary recently called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It’s a film about a wealthy man named Joe with an autoimmune disease. He heals it and drops a ton of weight by going on a juice fast for 60 days. But along the way he meets a trucker in Arizona named Phil with the same rare disease. Homeboy also goes on the juice fast and completely turns around his whole life.

So of course, I’m all “I NEED JUICE. RIGHT NOW.” The problem is I don’t have a juicer and Jeremy isn’t thrilled at the idea of dropping $350 on one at a moments notice just because I watched some documentary that got me all riled up. So I threw some kale, an apple, half a lemon and some ginger into my food processor and strained the juice out of the pulp by hand. It’s tasty and I feel like I’m taking shots of straight up nutrients that will give me super powers.

Second, I’ve been hired to do some branding for a juice truck (talk about a dream job!). So I think I’m going to go out and buy a juicer because now it’s market research, right?

Do you all ever make your own juice? What’s your favorite juice concoction? I think I’m going to explore this whole juice thing some more.

Spiced Cantaloupe

July 27, 2011




I want to tell you all about the simplest recipe ever that has changed my life.

But first, have I told you all that I’m designing a cookbook!? A while back I posted that I often get questions asking if I’m going to put out a cookbook – the short answer was no, but that I would love to design a cookbook for someone else. Meanwhile, Melissa (aka Mel aka Melicious) started writing a cookbook with her husband, Dave, and was trying to track down a designer. A lovely blog reader put us in touch with each other and it’s been a total food & design lovefest ever since. The moral of the story: Put yourself out there. State your intentions. The universe will do what it can to help you out.

But back to the cantaloupe! So Mel posted this cantaloupe recipe and I happened to have all those ingredients on hand. Cantaloupe (fresh from the farmer’s market), check. Spices, check. Cut up the cantaloupe, sprinkle with spices. Eat.

You guys. Each bite goes like this: the cardamom is the first to say hello. Then, just like that, the cayenne comes in and kicks you in the face but you’re all “give me more!” – followed by the salt who’s main job is to calm you down and soothe your taste buds until you’re ready for another bite. It’s pretty amazing.

I can’t wait to share more with you about the cookbook. In the meantime, check out Mel’s blog. Tell her I sent you and she’ll treat you real good.

Anatomy of an Outfit: Summer Staples

July 26, 2011



I think the title of this post speaks for itself. A white tank and denim cutoffs are summer essentials – especially when there is no end in sight of days reaching 105F+. There isn’t much to talk about other than how hot it is and how terribly busy I’ve been around here. I’m left daydreaming about Fall picnics and bicycling around Europe (in the works!).

So let’s talk about you all instead. What have you all been up to? Any vacations or mini-adventures? Have you watched any neat documentaries lately? Do you have any healthy no-bake summer recipes?

white tank – bdg
cutoffs – paper, denim & cloth
shoes – eastlands

Weekend Mini Adventure: Kayaking

July 25, 2011





We spend all weekend, every weekend with our families. And now that my parents moved to a house on a small lake our weekends just got a lot more entertaining. Jeremy and I woke up early on Saturday so we could get in some quality time on the kayak before the heat became too unbearable (we’ve had something like 35+ consecutive 100F+ days – it’s sad).

We fished for a little bit but caught nothing but branches. I was secretly glad – even though I was raised on a boat with a bass fisherman it still kind of stresses me out to take a hook out of a little fish mouth.

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