Anatomy of an Outfit: Overalls

July 1, 2011



Angela Chase made me do it.

Jeremy and I just finished watching the 1994 series of My So Called Life. The last time I watched this show I was 12 years old and obsessed with Rayanne Graff’s style. I couldn’t WAIT to be old enough to have the same problems as Angela Chase and to make out with my very own Jordan Catalano.

So, a few days after watching the series finale, I was casually browsing some sale items while doing some out-of-town shopping. I came across these overalls and my heart instantly loved them but my brain was telling me “Kathleen! You gave these to Goodwill in 2001!” (I wore oversized overalls pretty much every day my freshman year in art school.) I have found that when I have my gut conflicts with rational thinking I should always go with my gut. And when I’m not shopping based on the post-apocalypse I’m thinking “What would Carrie do?” Carrie would tell me to never cut my bangs ever again. Thanks a lot, SJP. So then I thought “What would Angela Chase do?” She would most definitely, self-consciously, rock the overalls while Jordan Catalano gets confused trying to figure out how to take them off.

Overalls – BDG
T-shirt – Alternative Apparel via Shop Good
Harness Necklace – custom made by Clyde’s Rebirth
Shoes – Urban Outfitters
Watch – Casio

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