Anatomy of an Outfit: Summer Staples



I think the title of this post speaks for itself. A white tank and denim cutoffs are summer essentials – especially when there is no end in sight of days reaching 105F+. There isn’t much to talk about other than how hot it is and how terribly busy I’ve been around here. I’m left daydreaming about Fall picnics and bicycling around Europe (in the works!).

So let’s talk about you all instead. What have you all been up to? Any vacations or mini-adventures? Have you watched any neat documentaries lately? Do you have any healthy no-bake summer recipes?

white tank – bdg
cutoffs – paper, denim & cloth
shoes – eastlands

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  1. i like your hair a lot!

  2. Agreed! When I’m not in “work clothes” its shorts and a white shirt. I have half the outfit on right now, a white t-shirt that is, so that when I get home I can just change the bottoms. It’s kinda like sleeping in the clothes you’re gonna wear tomorrow. I probly have 30+ white tanks and tees. It’s an addiction.

    I live in Tulsa, and at lunch my car said 98, I thought that was sweet relief. According to my phone now, its 101, oh lunchtime trickery. But hey, we’re breaking records people!

  3. Your hair surprised me today – looks cute all straight and clean πŸ™‚

    I love those super soft/worn/thin tanks.. perfect for an incredibly hot summer day. I also love the simple single bracelet statement.

  4. To beat the heat around here we have been tubing down the river weekly, eating lots of garden tomatoes tossed with basil and mozz, and wearing pretty much that exact outfit.

    I hate to wish the summer away- but those fall plans sound awfully nice.

  5. Sarah

    i’ve been daydreaming of fall too and cooking lots of sweet potatoes, which i will kick myself for come september when it cools down.

  6. I live in Seattle and am still waiting for summer to arrive! It was 62 and raining yesterday.*sigh*

    Anyways, πŸ™‚ saw a really great (I guess you could call it) documentary the other night called Catfish. The synopsis sounds a little creepy but it was amazing and I was left with an oddly warm fuzzy feeling! Can’t wait to read about Europe!

  7. I live in Seattle and am still waiting for summer to arrive! It was 62 and raining yesterday.*sigh*

    Anyways, πŸ™‚ saw a really great (I guess you could call it) documentary the other night called Catfish. The synopsis sounds a little creepy but it was amazing and I was left with an oddly warm fuzzy feeling! Can’t wait to read about Europe!

  8. Love the hair do today!

    We just bought a mini retro camper and are planning some road trip adventures! I can’t wait to hit the road. For picts of my camper stop over:

    I’m excited to hear about your Europe trip.

  9. I feel like I should clarify before this Europe thing goes any further – we’re just now Googling stuff like “bicycling in Eastern Europe” but it won’t happen until 2012, most likely. But that’s not stopping me from daydreaming. πŸ™‚

    And the hair – I always feel like I’m betraying my inner curly girl when I straighten it. It’s just that this weather has been so dry – it makes my curls sad. But thanks you all for the compliments!

  10. Jenny

    You’re hair looks awesome like that!

    We’ve just returned from a trip to Colorado where we climbed our first 14er. So thrilled! Now we’re planning our October trip to CA to attempt to summit Mt. Whitney & check out some CA wineries!

    Make ice cream!!

  11. Jenny – which 14er did you tackle? Jeremy and I hiked up Pike’s Peak last year – it was a fun adventure. I’m curious about Mt. Whitney! You’ll have to let me know how that goes.

  12. I’ve been running around in a simple cotton dress and easy flats in this crazy weather, but your outfit is so perfectly summer too. I don’t have any other vacations planned for the moment — it’ll just be little day trips for the time being.

  13. This is about the only thing I wear during the warm summer months. As it is, I’m living in the PNW right now and it’s FREEZING! :/ Soak up some rays for me.

  14. Whitney! YOU MUST blog about it! I want to know the whole story and every detail. It hurts my heart just looking at those photos – I want to go back to that area so bad. Seriously – blog it!

  15. a.
    You look particularly lovely in this post, Kathleen.

    Here in Arkansas it is hot as balls with no relief. I know that in Oklahoma you too are used to summers where you roast, I even like it somewhat, but this summer is particularly harsh.

    My boyfriend and I went on a small weekend vacation to Mississippi (Oxford) and spent most of the time at bars and in pools. It was a nice little relaxing time away from home. This fall we’re going to Eureka Springs (an artsy hippie town in Arkansas, he used to live there) and I keep daydreaming about that while we stay indoors.

    I’ve been watching a lot of National Geographic programs on Netflix lately. They’re very enjoyable.

  16. Ramona

    YES… come to Europe with a bike! In actual fact you should come here to the Black Forest it is gorgeous and you can cross the border to France and Switzerland within ten minutes! It’s awesome!!! And it is not as hot!

  17. elly

    I’m so jealous of the warmth you’re experiencing! I’m currently in London, and I think someone along the way forgot to explain what ‘summer’ meant. Seriously – I’m wearing a hoodie AND a coat right now. Ridiculous. Lovely post, hey πŸ™‚

  18. It seems like it’s either been hot or cold, with no in between, everywhere! Maybe I should stop complaining and lay out today and soak up some rays for all of you in chilly climates!

  19. Sometimes I want to make a whole story to go along with your Anatomy of An Outfit Posts. Today’s would go like this: Photo 1: Kathleen, Oh, Mister Scooty Boots, That’s a cute idea. Scooty Boots (in some kitty speak that only Kathleen understands but translates to this): No Kathleen, I’m serious you gotta try it. Photo 2: Kathleen: You know MSB, I think that idea is just crazy enough it might actually work. Check!

  20. Lindsey – Haha! I love it. And it’s so true! I’ve got a very special Anatomy of an Outfit coming up just for you, featuring MSB himself.

  21. Oh sweet! I will be watching for that one.

  22. Kim

    mini adventures on the horizon:
    a mountain bike race in the middle of a beautiful rocky forest in newburgh, ny (we are staying with my friend’s mom again in her amazing old house and I will plead with her to tell me more stories about working side by side with maurice sendak)…I think I may need to get another tattoo…aaaaand, I will be taking my son to the beach next week for good old-fashioned sun & surf (and funnel cake and boardwalk fun)!

  23. Hi Kathleen, I found your blog last month and I love it!

    No summer outfits in may case. Here, in The Basque Country (north of Spain) we are suffering rainy days and only 18ΒΊC.

    have you ever been around here?

  24. Kim – Wow! Maurice Sendak! How cool. It sounds like you’ve got a great time planned.

    Cerca de los 30 – Thanks for reading! I’ve actually never been anywhere in Europe – I can’t wait to visit – hopefully sooner than later.

  25. I’m sure you’ve already seen it, but “Food, Inc.” is a GREAT documentary, everyone should see it. A healthy no-bake summer recipe that I am loving:

    My latest summer adventure (can you consider Iowa an adventure?!)-

    I’m curious if Oklahoma City is a bit like Iowa City…it sounds like they have a lot in common.

    And can you divulge your workout routine because I want your legs!! πŸ™‚

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