July 28, 2011




I watched a documentary recently called Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It’s a film about a wealthy man named Joe with an autoimmune disease. He heals it and drops a ton of weight by going on a juice fast for 60 days. But along the way he meets a trucker in Arizona named Phil with the same rare disease. Homeboy also goes on the juice fast and completely turns around his whole life.

So of course, I’m all “I NEED JUICE. RIGHT NOW.” The problem is I don’t have a juicer and Jeremy isn’t thrilled at the idea of dropping $350 on one at a moments notice just because I watched some documentary that got me all riled up. So I threw some kale, an apple, half a lemon and some ginger into my food processor and strained the juice out of the pulp by hand. It’s tasty and I feel like I’m taking shots of straight up nutrients that will give me super powers.

Second, I’ve been hired to do some branding for a juice truck (talk about a dream job!). So I think I’m going to go out and buy a juicer because now it’s market research, right?

Do you all ever make your own juice? What’s your favorite juice concoction? I think I’m going to explore this whole juice thing some more.

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