Spiced Cantaloupe

July 27, 2011




I want to tell you all about the simplest recipe ever that has changed my life.

But first, have I told you all that I’m designing a cookbook!? A while back I posted that I often get questions asking if I’m going to put out a cookbook – the short answer was no, but that I would love to design a cookbook for someone else. Meanwhile, Melissa (aka Mel aka Melicious) started writing a cookbook with her husband, Dave, and was trying to track down a designer. A lovely blog reader put us in touch with each other and it’s been a total food & design lovefest ever since. The moral of the story: Put yourself out there. State your intentions. The universe will do what it can to help you out.

But back to the cantaloupe! So Mel posted this cantaloupe recipe and I happened to have all those ingredients on hand. Cantaloupe (fresh from the farmer’s market), check. Spices, check. Cut up the cantaloupe, sprinkle with spices. Eat.

You guys. Each bite goes like this: the cardamom is the first to say hello. Then, just like that, the cayenne comes in and kicks you in the face but you’re all “give me more!” – followed by the salt who’s main job is to calm you down and soothe your taste buds until you’re ready for another bite. It’s pretty amazing.

I can’t wait to share more with you about the cookbook. In the meantime, check out Mel’s blog. Tell her I sent you and she’ll treat you real good.

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