Watercolor Wedding Invitations

July 18, 2011







Dominique (aka Dom) was a regular blog commenter since the beginning – back when I only had a handful of readers and didn’t know how to properly size my photos. She first emailed me back in March of 2010 to ask about my invitation rates and process (back when I was charging pennies and didn’t really have much of a process at all). Over a year later she was ready to pull the trigger and I was ready to design some invitations for someone who already felt like a friend.

I knew I wanted to do something really special for Dom and Lucas. I wanted their invitations to feel as if they were designed completely by hand but still have a modern vibe. So with that I drew each letter by hand (based on existing typefaces) and used watercolor as a primary design element.

Dom and Lucas loved the initial design concept but were hoping for something a little more whimsical. When Dom asked for a drawing of the couple with their dog running off a leash and swirls following behind him I was able to give it to her straight, like a friend, and told her that her wedding invitations weren’t the time or place. And the best part is – she listened.

People that hire me to design their custom wedding invitations usually have placed a huge priority on their paper goods. They’re paying a lot of money for their invites and often want to see A LOT going on in the design in order to justify those costs. So then, it’s not only my job to design an invitation but to convey with a creative rationale what makes my design worth it. My friend Cole, an amazing hair stylist, once told me that’s it isn’t always about the hair that’s taken off, but the hair that’s left on that makes a stylist great – I’ll never forget that. I feel the same way about invitation design. It’s not about embellishing for embellishment sake – it’s about creating a beautiful and hopefully timeless invitation that my clients can feel good about forever.

Dom and Lucas were thrilled with their final invitations. They thanked me for guiding them to a final look that received lots of compliments from friends and family and I thanked them for trusting me and letting me be a little part of their big day.

NOTE: I am no longer designing custom wedding invitations. If you’re looking for a wedding invitation designer please check out the sponsors at Oh So Beautiful Paper and A Practical Wedding.

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