Weekend Mini Adventure: Kayaking





We spend all weekend, every weekend with our families. And now that my parents moved to a house on a small lake our weekends just got a lot more entertaining. Jeremy and I woke up early on Saturday so we could get in some quality time on the kayak before the heat became too unbearable (we’ve had something like 35+ consecutive 100F+ days – it’s sad).

We fished for a little bit but caught nothing but branches. I was secretly glad – even though I was raised on a boat with a bass fisherman it still kind of stresses me out to take a hook out of a little fish mouth.

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  1. JoL

    we went kayaking, too!

    but river kayaking(that turned in to the trip from hell thanks to a not-so-honest guide/organizer……)

    SO – glad your trip was better!

  2. I love your kayak! I took a ‘Roll’ class recently. – It was terrifying! I can’t imagine doing that in rapids! fishing from a kayak sounds like heaven 🙂

  3. Tracy

    what FUN!!
    Oh..and i just got some of the Bikila 5 fingers like you have on in the photo..how do you like yours? my calves were killing me after my first run in them, but now i don’t think i could ever wear running shoes again! actually got another pair for casual wear too :0)

  4. What? 35+ consecutive 100+ days? That’s insane. But kayaking does look like fun. I’ve been searching for a place to go in NJ, especially now that the temperature has dropped a bit.

  5. LOVE to Kayak. It is one of teh most peaceful things we do here in Vegas. Down below Hoover Dam with no motor boats. PRICELESS!

  6. JoL – Oh no! Sorry to hear it was a disaster.

    It’s me! – Yikes! I would get so scared of getting trapped.

    Tracy – I’m loving the Bikilas! I stopped running as much but I ran 2 miles in them with no problem. I’ve been blistering on my big toe though – I think I need to get toe socks for them.

    Brandi – YEAH. It’s ridiculous.

    Rightzilla – Oh that sounds like so much fun. I’m definitely excited to explore more places by kayak.

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