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Huevos Veggies

August 31, 2011



I’ve posted before about huevos rancheros aka the best meal I ever ate before. It’s still my favorite meal and with my mostly vegan diet a very special ovo-lacto treat that I cook up every once in a while.

I used the same recipe as before but modified this version by sauteeing some diced mushrooms and squash in taco seasoning (in place of the beans) while Jeremy mashed up a couple of avocados with a little bit of onion for guacamole to top it all off with.

I literally* died and went to heaven with each bite.

We’ve also been eating a lot of the following for dinner lately:

Broccoli & Tofu fried rice

• Coconut curried lentils

 Megan-Joy’s Thumbprints (yes, we had cookies for dinner Sunday night – but only because we had a really late lunch)

(*That’s a little nod to Rachel Zoe. I can’t wait for the new season to start.)

A Press Check for Jason Hudson

August 30, 2011





I found Jason Hudson just a little over a year ago. It was love at first site and since then, between snarky tweets and a handful or two of emails he’s become someone I can call a friend. Jason recently quit his nine-to-five job to be a full-time photographer and he asked me to design his business cards. I was thrilled. Together we decided that he needed something super classy and subtle, traditional yet modern. Through much deliberation, sketching and estimating we landed on a blind deboss execution with ultra thin letterpressed contact information on the sexiest paper ever.

This morning I went to see these babies on the press. I carefully examined the ink, placement and impression. I shot the shit with my pressman as he made the necessary adjustments to get the cards just right. And when he gave me the final sheet to sign-off on I was elated. I was over the moon about his cards turning out just how I imagined. But I was even more excited for Jason and his new adventure – and that I get to be a tiny little part of it.

Jason, you’re going to be amazing.

Jason’s Blog: www.jasonhudson.com

Jason’s Twitter: @theserovingeyes

Anatomy of an Outfit: Boots and A Skirt Up to There

August 29, 2011




• Watching the Kings of Leon documentary Talahina Sky.

• Sleeping in followed by a slow morning and french pressed coffee.

• Making out with this guy.

• Rice crispy treats (homemade by my mom)

• Grocery shopping (I really do love stocking my fridge and cabinets for the week)


• The unrelenting heat. The upside: I am really going to appreciate Fall this year.

• Finding out that the big tree in our front yard is going to have to be completely removed. The upside: We won’t run the risk of more branches falling on our home. And we’re going to get a new tree for our yard to replace it. Maybe this will finally be the push we need to landscape.

• Having a slight melt down about my hair. It’s just not curling like it used to. The upside: At least I have hair? The dramatic girl in me is having a hard time finding an upside.

What were your weekend highs? Any lows? If so, what’s the upside?

boots: fiorentini & baker

skirt: charlotte russe

shirt: BCBG

bra: american apparel


August 26, 2011






Do any of you remember that show called La Femme Nikita from the late ’90s starring Peta Wilson? It was the precursor to Buffy, Alias and Dollhouse and marked the beginning of my desire to be a beautiful secret agent who could kick some ass. And I always had a crush on the nerdy/genius computer boys in these shows.

Anyway, my mom and I would watch La Femme Nikita every week. I was 15 and developed an obsession with La Femme Nikita’s sunglasses collection (hers were super special sunglasses that had cameras in them, of course). Since then I’ve had a collection of my own (minus the spy camera).


So the other day Jeremy decided to put on just the portion of my sunglasses collection that had accumulated on the kitchen counter. It was then that I realized I totally landed my nerdy/genius computer boy. I’m still working on the beautiful ass-kicking secret agent part though.

The Lake

August 25, 2011

I’ve never been much of a lake girl. I mean… even though I was raised with a lake in my backyard I never really took to playing around in questionable water. But recently I’ve been taking anything I can get when it comes to adventure. So while we were in Michigan we took full advantage of the lake. Lake Superior that is.

We would run from a 250F sauna into the freezing waters.




We kayaked.



Then I put on a very flattering wet suit.




And after many failed wake boarding attempts put on some water skis.


That little dot is me successfully skiing.


It was a blast but I didn’t know how to stop! Apparently you’re supposed to just let go.

Do you all like playing in the lake? I think I’m hooked.

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