Cheers to Friday

August 19, 2011



I feel like at the end of every week I say “Phew! What a week.” I guess the exciting thing about freelancing (and starting a new business!) is that every single day there is something new and different to tackle. I’m consistently pushing boundaries and am constantly learning new things. And at the same time I’m exploring new ways to find balance – I’m learning how to still my mind and give my full attention to one thing at a time. This is keeping me from throwing up on myself because I’m scared of the unknown or from indulging in a good ugly cry session on my bed (you know the kind) because I’m feeling overwhelmed by the big picture.

So cheers to Friday. Because in my world, the weekend is still very much a celebration to end a phew-what-a-week.

P.S. I will be announcing a winner for the cowboy boot giveaway tomorrow! You have until midnight to enter!

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