Huevos Veggies

August 31, 2011



I’ve posted before about huevos rancheros aka the best meal I ever ate before. It’s still my favorite meal and with my mostly vegan diet a very special ovo-lacto treat that I cook up every once in a while.

I used the same recipe as before but modified this version by sauteeing some diced mushrooms and squash in taco seasoning (in place of the beans) while Jeremy mashed up a couple of avocados with a little bit of onion for guacamole to top it all off with.

I literally* died and went to heaven with each bite.

We’ve also been eating a lot of the following for dinner lately:

Broccoli & Tofu fried rice

• Coconut curried lentils

 Megan-Joy’s Thumbprints (yes, we had cookies for dinner Sunday night – but only because we had a really late lunch)

(*That’s a little nod to Rachel Zoe. I can’t wait for the new season to start.)

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