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Vintage Typewriter Wedding Invitations

August 24, 2011







I was designing these invitations around the time I decided to stop working with wedding clients. But to be clear the decision had nothing to do with these clients in particular – Neeley and Erik were fantastic. They were the kind of client that had a few requirements (vintage typewriter, a black & red color palette) and let me run with it. I was so pleased with the final prints I almost backed out on my decision to quit designing wedding invites.

I designed these invitations using my actual typewriter. It was a little inspired by my own invitations with the signatures at the bottom. I had the save the dates printed on actual carbon paper to make them feel that much more real. I had a custom rubber stamp made for the return address on the kraft paper envelopes. But I still included some modern design elements, like the tabs at the top of the invitation and map, so the suite didn’t feel too themed or hokey.

Here’s a huge thanks to Neeley and Erik for letting me be a small part of their big day.

The Blinking Game

August 23, 2011


My sister and I invented The Blinking Game over two decades ago. It was born out of our ability to stare at each other for a long, long time on cross-country road trips.

Now, my friend Daniel (I designed his wedding invites!) is a gaming genius. He plays and invents and talks about all sorts of games that are way over my head. When I told him about The Blinking Game he was intrigued. So he asked me if I would make a video to explain it to him. I obliged.

If you’re not really into games feel free to watch the video if you want to know what Jeremy and I sound like in person – or if you want to see some genuine toothy smiles.

P.S. Daniel is currently offering $1,000 (of his own money!) to someone who can create a game that can last 1,000 years. If you’re into that sort of thing you have until August 31st to enter. Click here for more information.

Vegetarian Empanadas

August 22, 2011



Guilt is not an emotion I like to partake in but lately I’ve been feeling guilty for cooking and eating the same things over and over again. So last night I decided I would use up some potatoes I had on hand in a new and interesting way. As I browsed potato recipes on 101 Cookbooks (my go-to site for recipes) I landed on kale & olive oil mashed potatoes – which then led me to empanadas.

I followed this recipe for the crust and spices but changed up the filling with ingredients I had on hand including potato, mushrooms, onion and kale. It was tasty but next time I’ll probably try to stick to the original recipe. And there will definitely be a next time.

Langston’s Western Wear + Justin Boot WINNER!

August 20, 2011



And the winner, selected by random.org, is Kimberly!:

Picture 3

Thanks again to Langston’s Western Wear and Justin Boots.

For those of you who are still needing cowboy boots I encourage you to use this code (it expires tomorrow!) at Langston’s Western Wear to get a pair. You won’t regret it:

Coupon Code: jeremykathleen

Coupon Value: 15% Off any order over $50

Expires: 08/21/2011

Cheers to Friday

August 19, 2011



I feel like at the end of every week I say “Phew! What a week.” I guess the exciting thing about freelancing (and starting a new business!) is that every single day there is something new and different to tackle. I’m consistently pushing boundaries and am constantly learning new things. And at the same time I’m exploring new ways to find balance – I’m learning how to still my mind and give my full attention to one thing at a time. This is keeping me from throwing up on myself because I’m scared of the unknown or from indulging in a good ugly cry session on my bed (you know the kind) because I’m feeling overwhelmed by the big picture.

So cheers to Friday. Because in my world, the weekend is still very much a celebration to end a phew-what-a-week.

P.S. I will be announcing a winner for the cowboy boot giveaway tomorrow! You have until midnight to enter!

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