The Blinking Game

August 23, 2011


My sister and I invented The Blinking Game over two decades ago. It was born out of our ability to stare at each other for a long, long time on cross-country road trips.

Now, my friend Daniel (I designed his wedding invites!) is a gaming genius. He plays and invents and talks about all sorts of games that are way over my head. When I told him about The Blinking Game he was intrigued. So he asked me if I would make a video to explain it to him. I obliged.

If you’re not really into games feel free to watch the video if you want to know what Jeremy and I sound like in person – or if you want to see some genuine toothy smiles.

P.S. Daniel is currently offering $1,000 (of his own money!) to someone who can create a game that can last 1,000 years. If you’re into that sort of thing you have until August 31st to enter. Click here for more information.

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