Baby Crazy. Maybe.




I blame the Patagonia Kids catalog Jeremy dropped in front of my face as I was sipping on coffee between bites of the the oatmeal (with raisins, peanut butter & cinnamon) he just cooked for me. Without warning and any restraint I found myself flipping through the pages and losing my shit over all the cute kids out and about on Wintery adventures. And the little down onesies? Forgetaboutit.

I closed the catalog – looked Jeremy in the eyes and very seriously said “I’m ready to start a family.”

“Really?” Jeremy says.

“No. Not really. I just wanted to practice what that sounded like out loud.”

The truth is I’m not ready. Not yet. I could be perfectly happy just the two of us forever. But sometimes I can’t help but imagine sipping on coffee while Jeremy cooks an oatmeal breakfast for a little family of three. Followed by bundling a little beeb up for a Wintery adventure of our own. And when I let my mind wander like this I become just a little more baby crazy. I become just a little more ready. Maybe.

  1. Andee

    What a sweet post!

    Also, I LOVE oatmeal with peanut butter in it!

  2. nicole

    Oh wow. I was *just* about to post on this VERY topic! We’re not ready either, and I’m totally OK with that! xo.

  3. Erica P.

    I am right there with you, sister. Some days I feel ready…gung-ho…let’s do this (I’m sure down onesies don’t help)! And others I realize that I’m perfectly content with the way my life is now.

  4. Yea, this is my crazy brain every day. I’m ready, no I’m not. Ready. Not ready. Looking at cute baby mags doesn’t help, as you can attest. 🙂

  5. Molly

    I could be perfectly happy just the two of us forever.

    You took the words right out of my mouth…but sometimes I dream about babies too. Just a little.

  6. Naurnie

    GIRL, please. I am totally insane about babies. My rational mind is all, “NO. You two are not ready. Willie is back in school and you are trying to start your own business”. And then I see a baby. And I LOSE. MY. SHIT.

  7. BriannEm

    Just remember that babies are much harder/easier than toddlers! As my husband keeps complaining… Why do you have to have a baby? Why can’t you just have a toddler? They’re way more fun. 🙂 I may have to look into getting a down onesie though…

  8. Oh, you are totally ready. As ready as one can be anyway.

    P.S. But in case you’re really not ready, you better not read my blog post today. It might push you over the edge.

  9. Nicole

    You’re adorable. As a little family of three, letmejustsay – we still feel like we’re “just the two of us forever”. If that makes sense. The child(ren) are part of that – it’s like connected and weird like that. This is totally not advice at all either. I remember not being ready – until I was. If you are to get there – you will – you’re good people, I’m not worried.

  10. Andee – We have oatmeal with PB every morning! So delicious.

    Nicole – I can’t wait to read what you have to say about it!

    Erica – I think it’s scary to think about changing it up when everything’s going so well as is.

    Urban Wife – I can definitely attest.

    Molly – I hope a family is in the cards one day but if for some reason it isn’t I think we’ve built a pretty great life around the two of us.

    Emily – Ha! Ditto.

    Lauren / Naurnie – Aw, you should make one! 😉

    BriannEm – I’m with your husband! I kind of want to snap my fingers and have a 4 year old.

    Jen – Chloe will always have the ability to push me over the edge. SO CUTE.

  11. Nicole – I love that. Thank you for that comment.

  12. Jes

    Yup, this is my brain too. I go back and forth and back and forth. I’m totally happy with my life now. Nothing is missing, and I would be over the moon if this was my life forever. That makes it all the more difficult I think. I don’t want to screw up what works, but it doesn’t leave me any less curious for the “what if”…

  13. This post made me smile. I think you two will be amazing parents when & if you take the plunge. No doubt.

  14. Jessica

    I feel ya. : ) We were married for over 8 years and after a billion vacations and job success, we went for it. Just that nagging feeling like there was something else out there. Best. Decision. Ever! Now we still have amazing vacations and a little person to show the world to. : ) Don’t let anyone pressure you, but it is amazing to eat oatmeal and have a little mini-me eating it right beside you.

  15. Gretchen

    I completely understand that feeling! I LOVE babies and spend a bunch of time thinking about them, but I definitely know we’re not ready yet. Though whenever I say that to my friends who have kids they say “You’ll never be ready.” Which I understand. But I still want to feel as ready as I can, you know?

  16. Vivi

    Wow, I’m feeling this post. I’m feeling the very same these days. I even mentioned it to my doctor who’s reply way “It’s never too early to start taking folic acid”. However, I couldn’t bring myself to purchase a bottle because that would make it seem too real and I’m not ready.

  17. Hopefully you will be ready in the next 2 years so we can take our kids on play dates in Edgemere Park and raise them side by side to be best buds. : )

  18. Nicole

    Kathleen, phew – I’m happy I said something now. You are way welcome. 🙂

  19. Valerie

    This made me smile; as a mom of a toddler, I remember the time when we were just the two of us, then my hormones kicked in and wanting a child was an overwhelming feeling. Life is very different now 🙂 As Nicole said, I’m not giving you any advice, just saying that when (if!) you are ready, it will hit you like a ton of brick! In the meantime, enjoy what you have now, life will never be the same once a mini-you will take over your universe!

  20. Someone once told me that people are never ready for the first baby. Even if they think they are, they’re not! But that it’s usually ok anyway, because you learn as you go. If I ever get pregnant, I’m going to remember this. Always.

    That being said, I don’t want a kid either. But I also adore kids. And I want to spend all sorts of time doing fun kid things with them and watching them grow up. I also think my husband would make the best Dad the world has ever seen, and that it’s a sin to keep him out of the gene pool. So I kinda feel you. But I still don’t want my own kid.

    And I am super stoked that in a few short weeks I will be an auntie. Because then I can have all the fun and even some of the hard times with the kid, watch them grow up, help them learn, help them with their homework, bundle them up and wipe their nose… but I can also send them home and have just me and my hubs, quietly snuggling on the couch, doing all the things we love to do. (And I can also give them desert before they eat their veggies, and tell them it’s a secret!)

  21. Besides. It’s ok to not want kids, or to just not be ready. The Earth has a ton of kids. For all I know, Earth is relieved that I don’t feel the need to make my own.

  22. .tif

    You’re never quite exactly ready for babies, but when they finally happen, you simply go, “Yeah!” It’s a beautiful thing, little lives entwining with your own. Take your time enjoying coffee and oatmeal, just the two of you … it’ll be really awesome once the little ones arrive down the road. 😉

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