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My business, Braid Creative & Consulting, has been officially in business for a month now. I’m going to write more about what September has looked like over on the Braid Blog later this week but for now I wanted to address a couple of frequently asked questions about my new business over here.

1. Lots of you have been asking me “What about And Kathleen?
2. And a few of you have sheepishly asked “What exactly is a brand?”

Well, first off, I haven’t been designing wedding invitations for months now – which made up about 50% of my work flow. I owe you an in-depth post on why I quit working with brides but for now I can tell you a huge part of it was that I wanted to focus on branding small businesses.

Well, then Braid came along – The Braid Method that Tara and I developed is pretty extensive as far as how we work to uncover a brand for big companies – so I kind of figured my smaller And Kathleen projects would just fizzle out. But what I found is that my readers and customers aren’t going anywhere – you all upped your game to match my elevated services. And it’s not just about your logo anymore – it’s about your story – and how you tell it. This is branding.

At this point a lot of you might be wondering exactly what a brand is. You might hear Kim Kardashian’s mom and Paris Hilton talking about their brand and not really know what that means. Basically, a brand is what people see but also what they understand. You should be proud to hand out your business card or display your logo on your door or website. Likewise, you should be able to tell someone in just one or two sentences exactly what it is your business does and stands for.


So, The Brand Starter Kit (developed with lots of help from my business partner, Tara) is my answer to integrating what I was passionate about with And Kathleen into what I’m doing now over at Braid. It’s my solution to not only designing a logo & identity for microbusinesses and/or artistpreneurs but to also at the same time uncover that authentic brand story too. If The Brand Starter Kit is something you’re interested in please feel free to email me at – I will be happy to send you more information about it.

And if you’re a freelancer / designer who is working on branding projects for your own clients feel free to use some ideas posted over at Braid to help uncover your own clients’ brand story. If you’re not following my posts over at Braid feel free to subscribe now – here’s a link.

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  1. Brittan

    Very cool. I hope I can use Braid when my non-profit gets off the ground!

  2. Great post:) I’m excited to see and hear more about Braid AND Kathleen!

    Rachel May

  3. I am so curious to try this! I have a really basic question though: how do you know what time in the development of your business to start the branding process anywho? Should you be X number of years into it/have Y number of clients?

  4. Brittan – We’d love to help!

    Thanks, Rachel May!

    Rory – Definitely check out some of our branding exercises – we have one up now called “Your Brand on A Desert Island” – I definitely think it will give you some insight to the business you’re developing.

    Be sure to keep in mind that you’re organically building your brand now. It might not be in a shiny package and you might not have the write words to articulate it but you’re creating a story every day you work for yourself. But to more clearly answer your question – I would say you need branding when you can no longer get away with not having it. For example, if you can’t clearly communicate what you do in a concise sentence or two and you’re ashamed of your homegrown logo it might be time to really dive into the branding process. Does that help?

  5. That is absolutely helpful Kathleen, thank you! And I have been really enjoying the Braid blog too.

    I hope I need to hire you soon 🙂

  6. Naurnie

    still so excited for you + tara. xxo

  7. Do you do branding for make-up artists? I really need branding and would love to support a women driven business 🙂 Message me back!

  8. Erin – Absolutely! I love working with microbusinesses and artistpreneurs from all fields. And being a makeup artist is kind of my secret fantasy job. So yes! I will shoot you an email with more information.

  9. Not sure if you have the budget for conferences but I thought you might be interested in this, or at least check it out for next year:

    It’s a little different, in more of a multimedia aspect but defiantly pertains to consistant storytelling (which I feel is similar to branding)

  10. Jennie – That conference looks AMAZING. I would love to attend – if I can’t swing it this year I’ll definitely look into it next year. Conferences are definitely a priority and I will budget accordingly.

  11. Let me know if you decide to go, I’ll be there as well, I’m really looking forward to it.

  12. Shelley

    here’s one of the better branding articles I’ve come across, for those who want to learn more:


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