Week / End

September 23, 2011


This Week:
• Jeremy was in Boston. I missed my big spoon.
• I slept in every morning until 7.
• I started practicing meditation for 15 minutes every morning.
• I went to the State Fair with friends.
• I took more photos.
• I had a gallery opening – with all my work on 27 boards. I felt so special.
• I started my guest teaching stint at a University here. I have so much compassion for design students – it’s not easy.
• I laughed about my two design crushes (Stefan Sagmeister & Nicholas Felton) with the teacher – who’s hung out with both of them. She told me they couldn’t be more opposite.
• I had dinner with some of my favorite ladies.
• I now have a publicist and a life coach. It’s pretty rad – I’m excited about both.
• I worked out – even though I really didn’t want to.
• I got a cool ampersand photo in my email from a blog reader – I love how often this happens and I love that you guys think of me when you see ampersands.
• I checked out some office space for Braid.

This Weekend:
• I’m going to an all-day meditation thing. I’m learning to be still. Do any of you meditate?
• I would like to watch at least one documentary. I’ve made a new friend who practically makes it her job to watch documentaries that stream on Netflix and she always has new suggestions.
• Maybe rock climbing?
• Sleeping, cuddles and not making my own coffee.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

Photo by Debbie Cramer – thanks again, Debbie!

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