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This Week:
• Jeremy was in Boston. I missed my big spoon.
• I slept in every morning until 7.
• I started practicing meditation for 15 minutes every morning.
• I went to the State Fair with friends.
• I took more photos.
• I had a gallery opening – with all my work on 27 boards. I felt so special.
• I started my guest teaching stint at a University here. I have so much compassion for design students – it’s not easy.
• I laughed about my two design crushes (Stefan Sagmeister & Nicholas Felton) with the teacher – who’s hung out with both of them. She told me they couldn’t be more opposite.
• I had dinner with some of my favorite ladies.
• I now have a publicist and a life coach. It’s pretty rad – I’m excited about both.
• I worked out – even though I really didn’t want to.
• I got a cool ampersand photo in my email from a blog reader – I love how often this happens and I love that you guys think of me when you see ampersands.
• I checked out some office space for Braid.

This Weekend:
• I’m going to an all-day meditation thing. I’m learning to be still. Do any of you meditate?
• I would like to watch at least one documentary. I’ve made a new friend who practically makes it her job to watch documentaries that stream on Netflix and she always has new suggestions.
• Maybe rock climbing?
• Sleeping, cuddles and not making my own coffee.

How was your week? What are you up to this weekend?

Photo by Debbie Cramer – thanks again, Debbie!

  1. You should definitely check out The Greatest Movie Ever Sold (review linked). It’s right up your alley in the branding/advertising world. Plus I just really like Morgan Spurlock in general.

    I’m celebrating 5 years with my guy, so I’ll be having a glorious lazy weekend indoors 😉

  2. slept in til 7?! that’s sleeping in to you!? lol Sleeping in to me is til noon+ 🙂

  3. Naurnie

    Busy week, lady! Congrats on all of your hard work.

  4. Rory – I will! I’m a fan of Morgan Spurlock too. Happy 5 years!

    Liveletlive – Well, on a week day it is. Jeremy usually gets up around 6:30 and I crawl out of bed around 6:40. The extra 20 minutes each morning was glorious.

    Lauren – Thanks, you! We need to catch up as soon.

  5. The things you manage to accomplish in a week is truly impressive!
    Meditation, every morning! I am looking forward to reading more about this experience (hopefully)?!

  6. You had a gallery showing? How did I miss this? Congrats!!! (also excited to hear about the all day meditation. I’m curious to try something similar.)

  7. Um, gallery showing?! Where? Must see! I’m also curious about your teaching gig!

    As for documentaries — last night we watched the Bill Cunningham documentary (the guy who photographs the street style section for the NYT). You may have already seen it, but if not, add it to the queue. I LOVED it.

  8. Kim

    this weekend I went to Vermont & got engaged on a mountain bike ride!

  9. Myclumsythoughts – I’m sure as soon as I have a little more experience and the right words I will share my experiences with meditation.

    Erin / Rachel – The show was at UCO – not a big deal!

    I LOVED BCNY – I saw it at the art museum with Tara and Jeremy. So good.

    Kim – Wow! Congrats!

  10. Debbie

    Glad you like it! This is at the Oxo tower Wharf on the South Bank of the Thames, London UK…and it was made especially for you.

  11. I investigated TM but I’m not willing to pay to learn it.

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