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Anatomy of an Outfit: New Jeans

October 24, 2011



If you’ve seen me (in real life) in the past month there is a 75% chance you’ve seen me wearing this outfit. I kind of live in it these days. The gal who sold me these jeans made a solid promise, rooted in science, as to why these jeans would never stretch out. I should’ve known better – but it’s okay – I love them unconditionally, baggy booty and all.

jeans – fidelity (from Blue7)
fur vest – steve madden
tee – bcbg

This week.

October 21, 2011


Something about this week… there’s magic in the air. Can you all feel it too? I think there must be some sort of shift in the cosmos.

• This week I learned that curiosity kills fear. I’ve been kind of scared about starting a new business (again) but just this week I crossed the threshold and replaced anxiety and fear with excitement and curiosity. Try it for yourself! The next time you’re freaked out or all in a tizzy get curious instead.

• This week Jeremy considered applying for a job that’s description sounds very spy-like. I would be so jealous. (I hope this doesn’t blow his cover.) Some of the requirements are perfect vision and being able to hear whispers at a certain decibel within a certain range.

• This week I got some serious work done on the Paleo cookbook I’m designing. I’ve been doing so much thinking and planning and fantasizing lately that it was nice to get lost in some good old fashion layout design.

• I blogged over at Braid:
A Case For Brilliant Note Taking (this is a video post!)
A Review Of Finish This Book (I was excited to hear that Keri Smith read & loved it)
Tools for Capturing (where I share my favorites)
– And our October newsletter: Draw More In Meetings and Get Others On Your Page

Have a fantastic weekend, you guys!

Anatomy of an Outfit: A New Jacket

October 20, 2011



Last week I was on a business trip with my sister in Lawrence, KS (my new favorite city) – as we rolled into town we found some coffee on the main drag downtown – we also found a really rad clothing store where I found this really rad Ben Sherman jacket. I looked at the price tag and decided to try and forget it about it. That lasted about 2 seconds because before I knew it I was trying it on and fell in love.

So I bought the a-little-too-expensive jacket and guess what. I’ve been wearing it almost every day since then. I can pair with a sloppy bun, grey deep v and jeans and instantly feel more professional. More confident. Like I know what I’m doing. So I think it’s safe to say the jacket was a worthwhile investment.

jacket – ben sherman
tee – bdg / urban outfitters
scarf – urban outfitters
leggings – american apparel
boots – fiorentini & baker

I’m Not A Maternity Photographer But…

October 19, 2011




When one of my closest friends in the whole world asks me to take a few snaps of her, her husband and the bump – well, I quickly become a maternity photographer for a couple hours.

You might remember my friend Hallie – I was a bridesmaid in her wedding just last November. Just a few months after she said “I do” she sent me a text with a photo of a stick she had just peed on – it said PREGNANT. I couldn’t believe it. I know this is how the world works – it’s simple biology, really – but I couldn’t believe it. It seems like just yesterday Hallie, Liz and I were chasing birth control pills with whiskey and celebrating false alarms with champagne. It seems like just yesterday we were making an over-sized slip ‘n’ slide out of a discarded outdoor billboard vinyl in Edgemere Park. So to be taking photos of my very pregnant friend, and her husband Chase, in that same park just a couple years later – it felt a little unreal.




But in just a few short weeks it’s going to be very very real. Hallie and Chase are going to be a mom and dad. I’m going to be Aunt Kathleen to a brand new little baby girl. I can’t wait to meet her and one day tell her about all the times her mama and I used to have.

The Time I Taught A College Class (And What I Learned)

October 18, 2011




Towards the end of September I was invited to be a guest teacher for a class at the University of Central Oklahoma – it was a Design II class (mostly juniors) working on a project to push the limits of traditional invitation design. It was my job to guide them through this process over four classes. This gig also included a gallery showing – where the school hung 30 boards of my work and I shared my art and experiences with what seemed like a hundred or so students & faculty.


Even though it’s just boards hanging in an art school it felt surreal to see a years worth of freelance work – from invitations to branding projects – hanging in that hallway. The last time my work was hanging in an art school was in 2004 – when I was an art student. It almost brought tears to my eyes. To think how much I’ve grown since school. To think of how much I’ve grown as a designer and thinker in just the last year. I spend a lot of time pushing myself (and sometimes even unproductively beating myself up a little) to be better. A better designer. A better strategist. A better writer. But in that moment when I saw all my work lined up – I just felt proud of what I’ve accomplished in just a year.

The students and faculty were so kind about my work. It was so much fun to geek out over letterpress and typography with kindred spirits.


When I was art directing at an advertising agency, before I went freelance, I hardly had the patience to talk to interns. I learned throughout this teaching gig that there has been a major shift in my mindset. The desire to help these students become amazing designers, writers and thinkers is eye-opening. And the compassion I have for these kids is overwhelming. I remember how hard school was – the need to be amazing but not yet putting in those hours, weeks and years it takes to get there.

Over two weeks and four 3-hour long classes I directed and guided a classroom of 20ish students through an invitation project. Some of them had potential and some of them had natural talent – and almost all of them had this spark – this desire be designers. It was really cool to see that.

P.S. Would you believe that when I busted out my camera to take photos I had no memory card!? D’oh! My iPhone saved the day.


I learned that it’s not just about being a badass designer anymore. Over the last year I’ve become just as passionate about talking about freelancing (if not more so) than the actual work I’ve been doing. I want to share my creative process (from the design direction to the nitty-gritty stuff that makes designers more efficient – like to-do lists and estimating) with anyone who could learn from what I have to share. So I’ve got ideas. Big ideas. Stay tuned. (Hint: It starts with writing a book … or 12).

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