Unicycle Secrets

October 27, 2011


I recently did a photo shoot that involved me wearing bright teal tights and balancing myself on a unicycle (found in my parents’ attic – it was abandoned by my sideshow brother when he became distracted by juggling a chainsaw instead). I can’t share any more of the photos or what this shoot was all about – you know, in case The New York Times wants the exclusive (cross your fingers for me).

But what I can share is this. The secret to riding a unicycle:
• Do not ride too slow. It is actually more difficult to ride slowly since it becomes more difficult to maintain your balance.
• To keep from falling off, you have to pedal continuously so that the unicycle can keep up with your body.
• Your mindset should be something like this: the unicycle is under you rather than you are at the top of the unicycle. This simply means that you should be in control and not the other way around.
• Pedal faster to keep from falling.
• If you fall, get up and ride again. All beginners experienced this when they were just starting.

Now, if that isn’t just one big fat metaphor for my life right now.

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