A Thanksgiving Baptism




I spent the days leading up to Thanksgiving thinking about how it’s quickly becoming my favorite holiday. I decided in the middle of last week that I was going to spend four whole days quietly thinking about what I was thankful for and that I would report back here with some new found illumination on the meaning of life. It was going to be like a Sophia Coppola movie with a sleepy soundtrack – I had it all planned out.

But just when I started to take myself a little too seriously, I went from a Sophia Coppola film to a John Hughes flick and fell into the lake with my sister and 3-year-old nephew. It was a series of events led to our Thanksgiving baptism of sorts – it started with Tara insisting I get in the kayak with her followed by Jeremy insisting that we all load up in the kayak together on the bank of the lake excited to give us a bold send-off into the lake. And with one good push we rolled into the lake.

I was so present in that moment – I remember thinking how perfect it was that we were being dunked into a cold lake on Thanksgiving day. And in that split second, just before we hit the water, I swear I found the meaning of life.

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  1. Melanie

    I love surprising moments like that, when things just work out perfectly without being planned or expected. I find that when I put in the effort to be truly present, those moments happen more and more often. I’m kind of a spaz though, so being present is a challenge for me 🙂

  2. Most years my friends and I swim in a river or the sea on New Year’s Day (in England). The first time someone joked that we’d do it to “wash off the old year and prepare for the new” – and you know what? It totally feels like that when your whole body is tingling!
    “Bring it on New Year, I just skinny dipped in a sub zero sea!”
    I love it.
    (And I loved this entry).

  3. that shot of the stump makes me think of the giving tree (remember that silverstein book?). i love it. but! i think we should have gotten a video of you drenched and dog paddling to shore.

    with some eighties music to boot.

  4. Can I just say that Kathleen SNUCK back home to change into something fabulous while I was taking my turn in the shower and then had to wear my Mom’s sweats while waiting for my clothes to dry. So meaning of life was not Sister Solidarity in Mom Sweatpants.

    It was fun. I like sweatpants.

  5. Vanessa

    Although I don’t think it would fit the mood you’re going to, this reminded me of the song Jasper by Aidan Knight.

  6. But wait, what was the meaning of life you found? It’s cookies, isn’t it? I KNEW it.

  7. MrsSki

    Memories made!

  8. Sometimes I think there’s an equal amount of zen in Sophia Coppola moments and flailing Gonzo Muppet moments. Just a different kind of crazy 🙂

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