November 23, 2011









A few months ago I had dinner with my friends Bryan and Kendi. Over wine and food we exchanged sarcastic quips and stories about being creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and life in general. Once I was good and tipsy Kendi revealed to me that she was going to open a store, called Bloom, just north of Dallas – and that she needed a logo, signage and business cards and for said store. In like … a week. I made her buy me another glass of wine and said YES.

Kendi wanted something understated, clean and industrial – a bold contrast to the really beautiful and feminine clothes she would be carrying in her store. I wanted to do something that was a little bit of a visual nod to her and Bryan’s photography business, Photograhers Skeen, too.


After I knocked the logo out we tackled the exterior signage (I love the little hello. decal on the front door – that was Kendi’s idea) and a more bold cut-out stainless steel sign for behind the cash wrap. Meanwhile, Kendi is working her magic (read: not sleeping for weeks at a time) and getting the store remodeled and stocked for a quick opening. We worked seamlessly, hundreds of miles apart, on different pieces of the puzzle – having faith that it would all come together to make for a beautiful shop.

On my way back up from Austin last weekend I stopped through McKinney, TX (which is a magical little town where characters played by Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock live) and made Kendi open her store on her day off so I could see the whole shebang – and you guys, the place is amazing. I’m so proud of the hard work Kendi put in to see this dream of hers come to fruition.

Visit bloom online here:

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