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Last weekend Jeremy and I took a little road trip down to Austin, Texas to spend some time with our new friends (and clients) Melissa & Dave. I’m designing a Paleo cookbook for Mel and she wanted to get a group shot of all the contributors for the back-of-the-book bios. And she promised food & drink.

So, it was this picture perfect scene. An outdoor feast + 75 degree temperature + a canopy of lights + beautiful people + great conversation – it was a recipe for magic. We talked about the creative process and art and food. We shared back stories and exchanged hearty laughs.

I need more of these kinds of scenes in my life – I’m thinking it starts by stringing some lights in my backyard. I’ll cook and you bring the booze. How does that sound?

  1. AnnA

    I’m sooooooo there – I’ll be happy to supply & mix the drinks!

    anything to live in the dream world of J&K! (and anything to distract me from this nightmare my life has become)

  2. ~abi~

    i adore this post allllmost as much as i adore that sweet final photo of you! 🙂 you’re beautiful.

  3. AnnA – You’re invited over anytime!

    Abi – YOU ARE. xo!

    Emily – Love it.

  4. That sounds delightful. I’m very good at bringing booze. It’s kind of my specialty.

  5. Sofia

    Dang, you have nice skin!


    This looks like a delicious evening, in more ways than one. Last last picture is stunning. That’s what someone I know would call your “bedroom” eyes. Pretty, pretty. 🙂

  7. my goodness that last photo of you is absolutely breathtaking. you look fantastic!!!!

  8. Jenn

    Small world. I went Paleo/Primal and started Crossfit about 4 months ago. I frequent her blog! I thought she looked familiar. Can’t wait to buy the cookbook!

  9. We are slowly, but surely getting up to OKC. And I INSIST on sharing these sorts of evenings with you beautiful lady!! CHEERS to doing life well!

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