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2011: Adventure and Love

December 30, 2011

a. Destin, Florida

b. Brooklyn, New York

c. Sault St. Marie, Michigan

d. Durham, North Carolina

I spent the beginning of 2011 imagining what I wanted my life to look like – it took form in a colorful vinn diagram with 3 equal parts: Adventure & Love, Design & Creativity, Food & Health.

Today I’m going to recap the adventures and and places we went in 2011. When I travel, especially with the people I hold closest to my heart, I feel connected and in love with the whole world. Travel has become important to me and something I need to do more of.

Where we went:
• Destin, Florida – A family vacation that included lots of time in the ocean and in the pool. I managed to wear zero sunscreen and never get burnt.

• Brooklyn, New York
– Jeremy and I went to Brooklyn for some quality time with my brother. But I also got to hang out with my friends Anna and Sana. Jeremy and I found the cure for hiccups on a subway platform and developed a love for a good bloody mary.

• Sault St. Marie, Michigan
– This is our second time to meet Liz and her family out at their cabin on Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan. This place is magical – the family, the lake, the cabin, the sauna, the lazy mornings.

• Durham, North Carolina – Jeremy surprised me with a visit to Durham, North Carolina to visit Liz (we can never get enough Liz) and her boyfriend Micah. It’s not a proper Liz Vacation unless there is lots of food and wine followed up by slow mornings with coffee and quiet conversation.

• Austin, Texas – I wound up in Austin half a dozen times this year. Once while on a branding adventure with Tara and a few more times to meet with Mel and Dave about the cookbook (or you know… just to have dinner). I also got to meet up with my buddies Bryan and Kendi a few times which is always a pleasure.

This year I learned that the kinds of vacations that nourish my soul are the ones that not only connect me with other people but the ones that provide me with meaningful interaction with nature. I missed the himalayas and our 2010 trek to Everest Base Camp (something fierce) all year long – but spending time in water and sand was nice.

I’m looking forward to the adventure and love that 2012 will bring.

Leather / Fur / Wood

December 29, 2011



Jeremy is really great at having a place for everything and everything in its place.

Me? I’m really great at taking off my shoes in the most inconvenient place in the house – like the hallway or middle of the living room floor – and just leaving them there.

But yesterday my lack of consideration (and my penchant for really nice boots) made art. It’s called Leather / Fur / Wood: a study in black, brown and white.

Master Bedroom Sneak Peek

December 28, 2011




Here is a sneak peek at our cozy little new room. We decided to use the wrought-iron bed from the guest bedroom as our bed and that rad throw was a Christmas gift from my mom and dad. (My mom found it at Blue Seven – I was so proud of her for buying all of my wonderful gifts locally this year.) The cats most definitely approve. I’ll share more of this space once it’s more complete.

Jeremy pointed out, after reading my switcheroo post, that our former master bedroom isn’t really all-caps HUGE huge. It’s probably 12′ x 20′ and our new room is about 12′ x 10′. When comparing it to a new build master suite, no – it’s not huge. But when you look at it next to someone living in a studio the size of our bedroom – yeah, it’s huge. HUGE, even. Our entire house is about 1,500 sq. ft. – it has 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining room and a living room. This feels plenty big to me but every year Dwell comes out with a “small homes” issue and what qualifies as small is 1,500 sq. ft. or smaller. But I digress…

Salmon and Green Beans

December 27, 2011


Early last year Jeremy and I decided to try out P90X. For those of you who aren’t familiar, P90X is a grueling home workout system that builds strength through a technique called muscle confusion. Jeremy and I had a little bit of success but we knew we could do better. We decided that next time we would follow the diet guidelines a little closer in order to achieve the results we were wanting to see.

This year I got P90X2 for Christmas (more on that later)*. I was really excited to see that the food part of the program accommodates vegans and vegetarians – but upon further inspection I was disappointed to see these sources were primarily processed options like protein shakes, seitan, tofu and tempeh. You have to eat a lot of protein (like 225g a day a lot) during phase 1 of the P90X2 – so to be a vegetarian it would mean lots of processed food. In order to achieve the very specific results I’m looking for I’m faced with a dilemma: lots of processed food vs. fish. I know there are lots of vegans out there who can make it work but for now fish won. Over my 15 years of being a vegetarian I’ve always had fish on occasion – when I was a kid my dad would literally go out to our backyard, on a lake, and catch our dinner. So it’s a food that is a part of my culture and history. All of that to say – I’m fairly comfortable eating it.

And I’ve gotta tell you – this salmon I had for dinner last night is mighty tasty. I used Mel’s salmon recipe from Well Fed and her magic green beans recipe found here.

*Here are some past posts about my workouts – I may do an updated one for the new year if you all are interested:
• Anatomy of an Outfit: Sweating it Out
• Working on my fitness

A Switcheroo and Other House To-Dos

December 26, 2011


We’re about to make some big changes around the J&K household. We’ve been here for well over 3 years and are looking forward to switching things up. My sister and I have been working out of my home together for a few months now – she’s been working in the breakfast nook while I work out of my office – but we’d like to be a little closer to each other. We’re also looking to hire a part-time designer or paid intern soon (if you live in Oklahoma and are interested let me know!) so we need more space. So with Jeremy’s suggesting we are moving the office into our HUGE master bedroom and our bedroom into the smaller office. Then we’re converting our guest bedroom into a studio for photo shoots and making music (something Jeremy and I are going to dive into come the new year).

House to-dos:
• Switch office / master bedroom (furniture / closets / window treatments)
• Store guest bed in garage
• Paint chalkboard wall in the new studio space
Paint living room black (I’m trying not to chicken out on this one)
• Hang door to basement

Wish me luck!

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