A Switcheroo and Other House To-Dos

December 26, 2011


We’re about to make some big changes around the J&K household. We’ve been here for well over 3 years and are looking forward to switching things up. My sister and I have been working out of my home together for a few months now – she’s been working in the breakfast nook while I work out of my office – but we’d like to be a little closer to each other. We’re also looking to hire a part-time designer or paid intern soon (if you live in Oklahoma and are interested let me know!) so we need more space. So with Jeremy’s suggesting we are moving the office into our HUGE master bedroom and our bedroom into the smaller office. Then we’re converting our guest bedroom into a studio for photo shoots and making music (something Jeremy and I are going to dive into come the new year).

House to-dos:
• Switch office / master bedroom (furniture / closets / window treatments)
• Store guest bed in garage
• Paint chalkboard wall in the new studio space
Paint living room black (I’m trying not to chicken out on this one)
• Hang door to basement

Wish me luck!

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