Salmon and Green Beans

December 27, 2011


Early last year Jeremy and I decided to try out P90X. For those of you who aren’t familiar, P90X is a grueling home workout system that builds strength through a technique called muscle confusion. Jeremy and I had a little bit of success but we knew we could do better. We decided that next time we would follow the diet guidelines a little closer in order to achieve the results we were wanting to see.

This year I got P90X2 for Christmas (more on that later)*. I was really excited to see that the food part of the program accommodates vegans and vegetarians – but upon further inspection I was disappointed to see these sources were primarily processed options like protein shakes, seitan, tofu and tempeh. You have to eat a lot of protein (like 225g a day a lot) during phase 1 of the P90X2 – so to be a vegetarian it would mean lots of processed food. In order to achieve the very specific results I’m looking for I’m faced with a dilemma: lots of processed food vs. fish. I know there are lots of vegans out there who can make it work but for now fish won. Over my 15 years of being a vegetarian I’ve always had fish on occasion – when I was a kid my dad would literally go out to our backyard, on a lake, and catch our dinner. So it’s a food that is a part of my culture and history. All of that to say – I’m fairly comfortable eating it.

And I’ve gotta tell you – this salmon I had for dinner last night is mighty tasty. I used Mel’s salmon recipe from Well Fed and her magic green beans recipe found here.

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