Alt: The People

January 27, 2012




I went into Alt with very little networking strategy – so when I got there I was a little overwhelmed with the quick exchange of cards and the hustle that comes with making a good first impression.

What I did know is that I wanted to give my full attention to whoever I was talking to. I wanted to establish intimacy through warm smiles and solid eye contact. I wanted anyone and everyone who attended my round table session to feel included and welcome. Even so, I still felt a little scattered and spread thin.

I was happiest when I was exchanging stories and hearty laughs.
• Like making a stylish new friend on the cab ride from the airport to the hotel.
• Like when I talked to Elisabeth and Miya about being creative entrepreneurs with kids.
• And when Meg and I bonded over wine and embarrassing pasts.
• Or when Melissa and I spent all day in the lobby drinking coffee and eating french fries.
• Or when I would find Danielle in a sea of people and sneak off to dinner just the two of us.
• And when Brandi slipped homemade Nutella in my pocket between sessions.
• And by chance sitting in an open seat next to the very fantastic Bradford at lunch.
• Finally getting to hug Jason‘s neck immediately followed by poop jokes with Cole.
• Meeting the hilarious (and fabulous)Elizabeth Aubrey (and her mom – I love that she brought her mom) who reminded me not to take myself too seriously.
• Important conversations about self love with Marisa and EZ.
• Finally getting to meet my long time friend (and one of the first J&K commenters), Jennifer – she’s just the best.
• And Erin Loechner – who has the ability to make anyone feel special. She’s kind of my hero.

Oh gosh – now I’m getting in too deep. I could name drop forever because I met so many fantastic people. In fact, check out the whole list at Mimi + Meg (also a very talented friend who shines her light on anyone she’s talking to).

I came away from Alt with genuine friendships, new and old, and lots of beautiful business cards. So maybe I had a strategy after all.

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