Anatomy of an Outfit: Business Time

January 30, 2012



Sometimes I give myself a hard time for not being more of a business woman. It could have something to do with the fact that I never wear power suits and I don’t belong to a single club with the word “leadership” in it’s name. The truth is I don’t belong to a single club at all. Or maybe it’s because I can’t help but make jokes suited for a 14-year-old boy … in client meetings. And it could have to do with the fact that when I’m not dressing for the movie version of myself fighting some zombies in the post-apocalypse I’m wearing cut-offs and a hot pink bra.

So last Friday I decided to dress the part of business-Kathleen on casual Friday. It meant painting my nails the perfect shade of red (with just a hint of orange) and wearing a shirt with a collar. Even if said shirt is Jeremy’s. And I have to tell you – I got a lot of business-y things accomplished. Scripts approved, collaterals designed, happy hour with clients, and a little bit of big picture thinking. But I had a change of clothes and a pair of boots nearby – just in case.

Sweater Vest – Target
Jeremy’s Top – Blue 7
Jeans – 1921 (also from Blue 7)
Shoes – Aerosoles
Nails – Essie Lollipop

P.S. If you need a solid pair of jeans and live anywhere near Blue 7 go there. Now.

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