Are you a … Blogger?

January 24, 2012

Drinks & Self-Deprecation
I was at Altitude Summit last week with 400+ amazing bloggers. We all looked really super cute and had really smart things to say. The days were filled with panel talks where I quickly shifted from feeling inspired to feeling overwhelmed and back again. And in the evenings we would hang out in the lobby with drinks and self-deprecating humor.


Are You A … Blogger?
The Outdoor Retailers convention was going on at the same time as Alt Summit. So the lobby bar was also filled with adventurers – naturally beautiful women with no makeup & cute wool hats and guys with beards & boots. I admired them and their puffy vests. One evening a group of tipsy outdoor retailers came up to a group of us Alt Summit gals with our top-knots and stripes and said “Are you … bloggers?” – as if we were this rare species of over indulgent narcissists. So we reply “Yeah!” and they sarcastically ask “Do you blog about … fashion?

I’m done with their rude sarcasm and pipe in with a friendly “Yes. But I’ve also blogged about hiking to Mount Everest.” (Somewhat of a “Let’s be friends – we have more in common than you think!” plead mixed with a little “Oh hell, no.”)

One of the cute Outdoor girls with blond braids and a wool hat rolls her eyes at me and says “Noted.” and walks off. She thought I was making fun of HER.


We Are Hardwired To Share
So at that point I got self-conscious about being a blogger. A concoction of neurosis with self-analysis and a little bit of ego threw me into a tailspin of “What’s the point?”

But here’s the deal – I love my blog. It’s this sacred place where I can shape who I want to be and share it with the world. Victoria said it best during her panel: “We are hardwired to want to share.” So on the plane ride home I got to thinking about what it is, exactly, that I want to share. I want my life to be an adventure – from opening a small business to trekking the foothills of Everest (and soon the Carpathian Mountains in Poland) – and everything in between.


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